WTS Uber-Geared Cleric lev 55, including 2 mil+ AP, and 100 mil+ kinah [Elyos / EU]

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    Lev 55 UBER-GEARED Cleric, with massive amount of AP & Kinah! Race:Elyos Location: EU Screenshots: img571.imageshack.us/img571/8106/gear1.jpg img560.imageshack.us/img560/6522/gear2.jpg img594.imageshack.us/img594/9048/gear3.jpg Details: 2,200,000+ AP (2,2 million AP) - You can buy any Abyss item(s) you desire (for example: Lev 55 Abyss Accessories cost 274,400 - 548,800 AP, and FULL lev 55 Abyss Armor Set costs: 2,378,300 AP) - You can use powerful types of abyss transformations 100,000,000 + Kinah (yeah, that's right, 100 million +) With this amount of money, you can buy any item on the Auction house, and you could also afford to buy any consumable items for years to come. Uber-Gear: This is one of the Best Geared Clerics across all servers! - Full Lev 40 Abyss PVP set, ALL pieces of this armor are enchanted to +12 (!) - Elite Guardian Tribunus’s Shield, enchanted to +10 - Full Miragent Set, including Miragent Warhammer +10 (the warhammer is enchanted to +10 & socketed with Paralyze Godstone) - Abyss Accessories: 1 x Guardian Primus Pilus’s Turquoise Ring; 2 x Guardian Tribunus’s Sapphire Earrings; 2 x Guardian Tribunus’s Sapphire Ring; Guardian Tribunus’s Belt - Dark Poeta Accessories: 2 x Atmach’s Earrings; 2 x Elder’s Tears; Dragon Flame Sapphire Necklace - Other hard-to-get items: Beshmundir Cleric Mail; Lakhane’s Kerchief; Silikor’s Band - Full Fire Resistance set + Fire res. accessories ================================================== ======= - Name-change ticket is included in the inventory - Free server transfer is available ================================================== ======= Stigmas: - All stigma slots are already unlocked - All possible cleric stigmas of all levels, and both stigma trees, are in possession of this char - some are in inventory, others are equipped (including stigmas that can only be bought with Abyss Points, such as Benevolence, Call Lightning; Enfeebling Burst, Summon Noble Energy; Summon Healing Servant, Ripple of Purification etc.) Crafts: Alchemy - 499 Cooking - 449 Aethertapping - 399 Essencetapping - 399 ================================================== ======= Pets: 1) Aqua Griffo (Veteran reward) 2) Donkey ================================================== ======= 6 Aditional characters (alts) also are included in this account: Lev 29 - Ranger , + 5 x alts lev 10 Benefits of having these alts: - You will never need to worry about inventory / warehouse space anymore - You can place a lot more items on the Auction house while still paying the lowest fee ================================================== ======= Additional info: - This character was created at head-start, so it qualifies for all veteran rewards - This character has perfect reputation with NCSoft and the community ================================================== ======= Contact: - If interested, please contact me via pm on this forum with your offer & contact details - Serious offers only please - Payment method accepted -> Paypal - I'm willing to use service to ensure safe transaction for you and me ================================================== =======
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