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    Okay, this is from memory because the account is inactive right now: Level 220 crat with all expansions on RK2 (Rimor). male Solitus - clan 15 AI All LE skills trained up to level 8, some progress on last tiers. Decent symb setup, but not uber. Current PVP title: Rookie (highest was Apprentice or Novice, I forgot) Carlo Pinetti, level 220 Crat pet Spirit Shroud (uber rare back item, took a lot of camping) (Almost?) Full ql 300 OFAB armor set (partially upgraded) Yalmaha (obviously) over 650 million credits! (most of which are on fixer alt) Miscellaneous parts of Predator armor (including body & face) Miscellaneous parts of Merlin armor (dragon drops) Dreadloch Sniper's Friend Dreadloch Survival Predictor 2x Dreadloch Balanced Freedom Arms (dual wielding this is almost impossible right now, but may become a nice option in the future) Clan Merits - Double Sun (1000+ token board) VTE's ... and, of course, LOTS more! I have also collected many nanos so if you want to start a new alt, there are probably a few backpacks full of nanocrystals waiting to be uploaded. Improved crat nanos UPLOADED! (these alone are worth hundreds of millions creds): Improved Cut Red Tape Improved Red Tape Improved Soothing Calm In summary: this is a very viable (PvP and PvE), well equipped character, with some room for growth still (maybe some alien armor, finishing up LE research...) and lots of fun! Alts: Level 70+ fixer (male - neutral) - fgrid quest done (GREAT shopping toon - can check all the player shops - clan, omni and neut - and travel to them quickly) Level 130ish adventurer (male Solitus - clan) with Jobe Surveyor Personal Pistol + lower alts Account in good reputation, from first owner. I am Paypal verified. Please post here before contacting me through . I am looking for: a buyer with a good reputation preferably! You can rest assured I'll hold my end of the bargain (I have sold 2 SWG elder jedis on playerup.com before).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.