WTS: Ubah Raid geared shaman

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    eq.magelo/profile/1406908 there goes his magelo then hes got 5227 ac/40308hp/46383mana unbuffed. Sitts around 48k mana self buffed and 5600ac/52000hp/51000mana buffed. has 285/300 alchemy. has all rank 3 spells through 85 and rand 2 though lvl 90. has 50k on him plus things to sell. has tons of raid augs and high end group augs. he has all the best group gear/tower and UF raid gear. all augs are 90+mana and almost all have heroic wisdom stats. has almost 5 years on him so has up to expedient recovery on vet AA's. play time is 112 days. hes flagged through everything up to HoT raiding only has Rusty Key. he has 3129 AA's with 11 unspent. he has 21% into lvl 90. and obviously has all expansions plus all my aa's are put in this shaman very well hes puts out like 5k dps sustained dps with dots and can out heal most druids.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.