WTS Tyranny account with 3 80s

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    I have an account on Tyranny, its been inactive since march the 16th I think, it has a level 80 BS, ToS, Necro, all of them on one account, as well as a level 40 HoX "twink". The BS has 2 or 3 pieces of t1(its been a while and I honestly don't remember), he is close to pvp level 4, has all the pvp gear for his level and level 4, also has one of the craftable weapons that came out before the merges, he has his destiny quest done, but isn't t2 attuned. The necro is pvp level 2.something, he has no t1 gear, only pvp gear 2 and lots of alchemy ingredients if I remember correctly, he did his destiny quest, but he isn't t2 attuned. The ToS has the most t1 gear out of all of them, he is pvp level 2. something as well, if I recall correctly, he has the t2 staff as well, BRC attuned and may also have some t2 stuff, I can't recall off the top of my head. The HoX is level 40 blues and pvp level 2, also has that awesome looking sword from Sanctum. Oh yeah, I only accept WU transfer, since Paypal doesn't work here, also WU is safer in a way that the chance of getting scammed is close to 0. If you are interested, my is: [email protected] add me and we can discuss the price.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.