[WTS] TWO US League of Legends Lvl 30 Accounts 1 FULLY DECKED IMBA Account 1 Started Accoun

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    Hello everybody, today I decided to sell both of my League of Legends accounts, Account #1 is a amazing account. Almost all the champions tons of skins and some limited edition ones and legendary ones too!. Account #2 is a newer account, and a pretty good starter account with a couple champions and some skins to boot. Account #1 is for the more experienced player who is just ready to get into the game and play. Most of the runes, and most of the champions 10 RUNE Pages (Max amount) and a crap load of skins. Account #2 is more of a starter accounts, with a small of champions, and a couple of skins. Here are the details: List of Champions with with Skins: Champion - Skins Account #1 All Champions except Yorick and Leona (I didn't like them, didn't want them) Akali - Stinger Alistar - Unchained Alistar Amumu - Emumu Anivia Annie - Reverse Annie Ashe Blitzcrank - Definitely Not Blitzcrank(Limited Edition) Brand Caitlyn Cassiopeia Cho'Gath - Nightmare Cho'Gath Corki Dr. Mundo Evelynn - Masquerade Evelynn Ezreal - Frosted Ezreal Fiddle Sticks Galio - Enchanted Galio, Hextech Galio Gangplank Garen - Dreadknight Garen Gragas - Scuba Gragas, Gragas Esq(Legendary) Graves Heimerdinger Irelia - Nightblade Irelia Janna Jarvan - Commando Jarvan, Dragon Slayer Jarvan Jax - Jaximus Karma Karthus Kassadin Katarina Kayle - Judgement Kayle Kennen Kog'Maw LeBlanc Lee Sin - Traditional Lee Sin Lux Malphite Malzahar - Shadow Prince Malzahar Maokai Master Yi - Chosen Master Yi Miss Fortune - Cowgirl Miss Fortune Mordekaiser - Pentakill Mordekaiser, Lord Modekaiser Morgana Nasus - Galatic Nasus Nidalee - Leopard Nidalee, French Maid Nidalee, Bewitching Nidalee(Limited Edition) Nocturne - Void Nocturne Nunu - Grungy Nunu Olaf - Brolaf(Legendary), Glacial Olaf Orianna Pantheon Poppy - Battle Regalia Poppy Rammus - Freljord Rammus Renekton - Galatic Renekton Riven - Redeemed Riven Rumble Ryze Shaco Shen - Frozen SHen Singed Sion Sivir - Bandit Sivir Skarner - Sandscourge Skarner, Earthrune Skarner Sona Soraka Swain Talon - Renegade Talon Taric Teemo - Cottontail Teemo Tristana - Riot Girl Tristana Trundle - Lil'Slugger Trundle Tryndamere Twiste Fate Twitch Udyr Urgot - Butcher Urgot Vayne - Vindicator Vayne Veigar Vladimir - Count Vladimir Warwick - Firefang Warwick Wukong - Volcanic Wukong Xerath Xin Zhao - Commando Xin Zhao Zilean Runes:Amount All Runes are TIER 3 Reds: AtkSpeed - x9 Arpen - x9 Mpen - x9 PhyDmg - x9 Yellows: AtkSpeed - x9 ManaRegen/5/PerLvl - x9 Dodge - x9 APPerLvl - x9 ManaRegen/5 - x9 Armor - x9 PhyDmg - x9 Hp/perLvl - x9 Blues: Atkspeed - x9 CDR - x9 ApPerLvl - x9 AP - x9 MagicResistPerLvl - x9 MagicResist - x9 Quints Health - x3 AtkSpeed - x3 Arpen - x3 Mpen - x3 AP - x3 PhyDmg - x3 MoveSpeed - x1 Account #2 Akali Amumu Annie Ashe Dr.Mundo Evelynn Janna Jax Kayle - Judgement Kayle LeBlanc Lux Master Yi Nasus Nidalee Nunu Pantheon Poppy Ryze Sion - Warmonger Sion Sivir Soraka Tristana - Buccaneer Tristana Tryndamere Twisted Fate Veigar Runes:Amount (red)(Tier 1)Arpen - x1 (red)(Tier 1)Mpen - x1 (red)(Tier 2)Arpen - x8 (red)(Tier 2)Mpen - x9 (yellow)(Tier 1)Manaregen/5 -x5 (yellow)(Tier 1) HpPerLvl - x4 (yellow)(Tier 2)Manaregen/5 -x1 (blue)(Tier 1)CDR - x8 (blue)(Tier 2)CDR - x1 (quints)(Tier 2)Health - x3 (quints)(Tier 2)Mpen - x3 (quints)(Tier 2) HpRegen/5/lvl - x1 Account #1 currently has 7RP (Spent the last of it on skins) and 5443IP Account #2 currently has 310RP and 1650IP BOTH of these accounts are my PERSONAL accounts and I took great care of them. Current Ranked Solo Queue Ratings: Account #1 - 1283 Top Rating of 1407 Account #2 - Unranked, 0 games played this Season (Previous Season 1246, Top Rating 1463) You can contact me at eriley2751aol Make Offers!GOGO ---------- Post added 10-22-2011 at 08:45 PM ---------- bump
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