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    Up for sale are two of my accounts I have had for a while now. Original Owner w/ RAF bonus (no longer in game, very valuable and rare to get now). Account 1 Bertox 90 1/3 Male Human Monk - 1845AA 10 banked - 260k plat Ear - Moonstone Trinket of Reflection Ear - Pristine Bangle of Autumn Head - Lucid Forcestruck Cowl Face - Intricately Carved Visor of Tree Bark Neck - Necklace of the Elusive Eidolon Back - Darsia's Cloak Shoulders - Shoulders of the Elusive Eidolon Wrist - Lucid Forcestruck Wristguard Wrist - Lucid Forcestruck Wristguard Feet - Lucid Forcestruck Boots Charm - Brand of the Vagarious Servant Hands - Inflicted Windstruck Leather Gloves L - Lucid Forcestruck L Belt - Rend's Festering Rothide Girdle Arms - Lucid Forcestruck Armwraps Chest - Lulcid Forcestruck Chestwraps Finger - Spellward Knuckleguard Finger - Spellblade Ring Main - Bloodleter, Katar of the Sisters Offhand - Dream Destroyer's Hand Range - Agraena's Cracked Femur Ammo - The Guardian's Pouch Powersource - Translucent Energian Elemental Orb Notable Items - (3) Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksacks ($75 from station store), (3) Leatherfoot Haversack bags Fippy Darkpaw 63.5 Male Froglok Shaman - 16.9k plat Ear - Earring of Madness Ear - Golden Black Sapphire Earring Head - Batfang Headband Face - Sebilite Scale Mask Neck - Black Sapphire Velium Necklace Back - Heirophant's Cloak Shoulders - Embroidered Black Cape Wrist - Golden Jaded Bracelet Wrist - Golden Jaded Bracelet Feet - Boots of an Aged Mystic Charm - Kobold Skull Charm Hands - Withered Leather Gloves L - Gloomingdeep Kobold Chain L Belt - Oakleaf Girdle Arms - Gloomingdeep Kobold Chain Arms Chest - Fungi (on alt on account) Finger - Djarn's Amethyst Ring Finger - Coral Ring Main - Jade Chokidai Prod Offhand - Orb of the Infinite Void Range - Frozen Orb Other Notable Items - Magnetic Breastplate/l, two lemmingfur backpacks, rallic pack Account 2 Bertox 87.8 Male Ogre Shaman - 172AA 5 banked - 25.6k plat (3 days 13hrs play time) Ear - Earring of Fearful Reverie Ear - Hoop of Fearful Reverie Head - Elegant Defiant Chain Coif Face - Fanciful Mask of Joyful Slaying Neck - Healer's Gorget of Aid Back - Cape of Strong Silk Shoulders - Shoulders of Fearful Reverie Wrist - Elegant Defiant Chain Wristguard Wrist - Flawed Defiant Chain Bracer Feet - Elegant Defiant Chain Boots Charm - Femurstack's Wishbone Hands - Elegant Defiant Chain Gauntlets L - Terror Infused Battleskirt Belt - Malice's Girdle of Fearsome Torture Arms - Elegant Defiant Chain Sleeves Chest - Flawed Defiant Chain Tunic Fingers - Deadeye Ring Fingers - Emerald Ring of Rot Main - Elegant Defiant Sceptre Offhand - Travellers Wardshield Range - Algot's Focus Crystal Ammo - Verdant Hedgerow Leaf Other Notable items - (2) Tinker's Bags, Kavruul's Mystical Pouch Fippy Darkpaw 63.5 Male Ogre Shadowknight - 11.6k plat Ear - Bloodmetal Earring of Engagement Ear - Tear of the Rainmaker Head - Cowl of Mortality Face - Miniature Nosering Neck - Lucky Miner's Gorget Back - Aged Silver Splintered Cloak Shoulders - Cloak of Fading Hues Wrist - Grand Bracelet of War Eternal Wrist - Enduring Bracer of Flame Feet - Bloodied Boots of Dark Rites Charm - Stone of Defiance Hands - Velium Encrusted Gauntlets L - Gloomingdeep Kobold Plate Greaves Belt - Oakleaf Girdle Arms - Armguards of Repentence Chest - Fungus Covered Scale Tunic Finger - Shadel Bandit Ring Finger - Terror Chain Ring Main - Blade of Distruption Offhand - Sarnak Battle Shield Range - Dragorn Bone Bow Fippy Darkpaw 38 1/3 Male Ogre Warrior - 5.1k plat Ear - Glowing Earring of Rage Ear - Fingerbone Hoop Head - Helmet of Rallos Zek Face - Grimling Contraption Neck - Black Sapphire Velium Necklace Back - Cloak of Flames Shoulders - Cloak of Fading Hues Wrist - Bracelet of Fortitude Wrist - Gloomingdeep Kobold Plate Bracer Feet - Boots of Slaughter Hands - Velium Encrusted Gauntlets L - Gloomingdeep Kobold Plate Greaves Waist - Spider Fur Belt Arms - Gloomingdeep Kobold Plate Vambraces Chest - Fungus Covered Scale Tunic Finger - Velium Fire Wedding Ring Finger - Velium Fire Wedding Ring Main - Blade of Carnage Offhand - Swiftblade of Zek Range - Dragorn Bonebow notable items - Amulet of Necropotence, White Dragon Helm, Rusted Muramite Battle Crest, Black Acrylia Gauntlets, (6) Lemmingfur Bags Taking serious offers - Getting a hold of an RAF account is super rare and very very useful as anytime you duo with your accounts/friend, the lower level gets 300% exp and they both get double exp forever as long as they're grouped up and exping together.
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