WTS: Two HIGH-SP PvP Very good characters + NYX

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    Hi, I quit eve quite a long time ago and I dont feel like playing it anymore so I decided to sell all my accounts together with assets. All characters in those accounts don't have their portraits so you can make your own. Price for the whole first account: 750$ First account: First character: Very specialized Amarr PVP character. Pretty much everything that is related to PVP Amarr subcap and cap is maxed. 71M+ SP Some highlights: Can controll POS guns Can use all T2 combat drones (sentries too) with maxed drone damage skills Can use COVERT cynosural fields, good Electronics skills Very focused PVP Engineering skills. Can use doomsday devices, just needs the doomsday skill. All gunnery skills related to Energy weapons and PVP maxed, except some specializations at lvl4 (Large pulse laser specialization lvl5). Capital energy turret LVL5 No wasted SP in industry! No wasted SP in leadership Awesome Mechanic skills. Everything related to Amarr maxed (All compensations LVL5 etc etc) No wasted SP in missiles (apart the ability to use bombs) Very good Navigation skills (All useful skills lvl5 such as JDC, Acceleration control lvl5 etc etc) Good Science skills. Everything that is usefull LVL5 (Thermodynamics, Cybernetics, Astrometics to use jump portal generators). Good Drugs/Boosters skills Basic Social skills just in case you want to do some missions. Very, very good Spaceship combat skills. (Amarr Battleship, Cruiser, Frigate, Battlecruisers, Destroyers, HAC, Logistics, Recon ships, Amarr Dreadnought, Capital ships.. ALL LVL5's!!) Detailed skill list here: ://img269.imageshack.us/img269/5572/skillscz.jpg This character has seen and can do everything related to PVP. It has everything maxed that you need in fleet battles, everything maxed that you need when roaming solo, everything maxed for small warfare, everything maxed for capital battles in dreadnaught! It can use Triage Archon aswell. It's a good future titan pilot. It has all prerequisites for all titan related modules and titan itself. Just needs titan, doomsday skills and its ready to go. This character is an Amarrian PVP beast. Second character: Specialized low-sp (10M+) character to be as a Holding character for a Nyx Supercarrier. It can do basic probing, hauling aswell but nothing special apart holding nyx. Detailed skill list: ://img269.imageshack.us/img269/5280/skillz3.jpg Total aprox. assets value in this account: About 2bil isk in assets around all eve universe Price for the whole second account including all assets (NYX, ships etc etc(~29bil)) = 1250$ Second account: Maxed Nyx pilot with fully faction/officer/deadspace fitted Nyx supercarrier and HG Slave set. It can be very good in PVP when using gallente drone ships. It aswell has nice Industry related skills. Perfect builder skills, Exhumers 5, ability to fly Rorqual, do archeology, hacking etc etc. 60M SP + 1.5M SP FREE Some highlights: All drone skills(fighters, fighter bombers, heavy drones etc etc at LVL5) maxed except specializations and Advanced drone Interfacing which is useless Good electronic skills, specialized for NYX/PVE Good engineering skills. All usefull skills related to NYX/PVE maxed No wasted SP in gunnery! Awesome industry skills. Can use T2 miners with T2 crystals for all valuable ore, awesome refining skills, perfect building etc etc No wasted sp in leadership Very good Mechanic skills (All compensations except Kinetic at lvl5) No wasted SP in missiles Very good Navigation skills (JDC 5 etc etc) Good Science skills (All that you need is lvl5) No wasted SP in social Awesome Spaceship command skills. Gallente battleship, cruiser, frigate, exhumers, Mining barge, Minmatar industrial, Minmatar cruiser, Minmatar frigate, Gallente Carrier.. ALL LVL'5s! More detailed skill list: ://img8.imageshack.us/img8/9645/skills2p.jpg This character has been flying NYX for more than a year and has seen action in whole eve universe. It has been hotdropped, baited and still kicking alive and hotdropping everyone all around eve universe :) When it is not flying NYX its a good scout or support char to use as an ALT when PVP'ing or for ISK making activities. Plexing, NPC'ing, Mining, Production etc etc. Total aprox assets value in this account: Full officer/faction/deadspace fitted Nyx - about 25bil, nyx full of amarr related t2 modules + various amarr ships in ship maintenance - about 3bil, other assets all around eve universe - 1bil So thats about 29bil of assets you will get together with this account I will give 100$ discount if you buy both accounts at same time. So thats 1900 USD for everything! If you need more information or have questions feel free to contact me using this email: [email protected] Open to offers (no trades!)
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