WTS: TWO Eve Online accounts. Good price.

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    First char has been playing since '04. Good sec status and has a good history in game. Able to pilot almost anything, including Tech 3. And anything he can't he is only a few skills away. Has access to level 5 missions. For BOTH accounts I am asking $500 TOTAL. Both have about 20 days left on the account each. ttributes Intelligence: 28.60 Perception: 24.20 Charisma: 13.20 Willpower: 18.70 Memory: 19.80 Corporation Management Total: 778,150 Drones Total: 5,033,916 Electronics Total: 2,717,360 Engineering Total: 1,933,811 Gunnery Total: 3,315,310 Industry Total: 618,122 Leadership Total: 256,000 Learning Total: 2,524,550 Mechanic Total: 1,979,182 Missile Launcher Operation Total: 640,201 Navigation Total: 2,610,359 Science Total: 1,970,044 Social Total: 255,932 Spaceship Command Total: 7,048,249 Subsystems Total: 1,250 Total Skillpoints: 31,682,436 Total Number of Skills: 160 Skills at Level 0: 6 Skills at Level 1: 15 Skills at Level 2: 16 Skills at Level 3: 34 Skills at Level 4: 43 Skills at Level 5: 46 Has 96,000,000 in isk as well as a good amount more in assests. Has jump clones and +3 implants. ============================================= 2nd char is almost as old. This is my Building/Industrial char. I made enough money on this char alone to be able to pay for both accounts using PLEX and buy all the skills etc i wanted. Has 42m in wallet as well as a boatload of other assests. Corporation Management Total Skillpoints in Group: 768,000 Drones Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,153,176 Electronics Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,719,770 Engineering Total Skillpoints in Group: 2,487,295 Gunnery Total Skillpoints in Group: 533,034 Industry Total Skillpoints in Group: 4,095,175 Leadership Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,317,036 Learning Total Skillpoints in Group: 2,004,080 Mechanic Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,649,588 Navigation Total Skillpoints in Group: 2,199,544 Science Total Skillpoints in Group: 3,738,099 Social Total Skillpoints in Group: 181,020 Spaceship Command Total Skillpoints in Group: 7,306,697 Trade Total Skillpoints in Group: 181,020 Total Skillpoints: 29,333,534 Total Number of Skills: 120 Skills at Level 0: 4 Skills at Level 1: 8 Skills at Level 2: 13 Skills at Level 3: 10 Skills at Level 4: 40 Skills at Level 5: 45
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