WTS: Two accounds 65 mill skillpoint PvP Capital pilot and a 21 mil Industrial

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    PVP/missioning char has its own fitted Thanatos carrier and too many more ships to count including a fitted Tengu, and plenty of T2 ships and battleships of amarr/gallente/caldari origin. Can fly amarr Dreadnoughts. Has over 20 million skillpoints in Spaceship command with things like Recon 5, Amarr and Gallente Battleship 5, Battlecruiser 5. great drone skills and 12 million skillpoints in Gunnery. has 1.9 billion in isk and more than that in assets. Id like $350 USD Industrial Char has exhumers 5, multiple hulks, her own freighter and orca. owns a researched Covetor Blueprint and can produce and invent hulks. Has started training for the Ishtar t2 cruiser to use in missioning and some drone skills. is trained to invent Gallente and has a few other original Blueprints such as Iteron and Vexor. has 700million isk cash and a few billion isk in random assets such as spare battlecruisers and cruisers of most types as well as tons of spare modules. $250USD let me know if interested, not interested in any trades
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.