WTS: TSS sorcer eu spatalos elyos with 100m and 800k ap

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Aion, 3/26/12.

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    I sell a account with sorcerer 55 in spatalos elyos
    (in picture you can say what do you buy)

    3 stormingsset (tunic, leggins, shoulders)
    2 primus pilus armor (shoe and tunic)
    divine coliseum champion gloves [orange with cast speed]
    good accessory (gold and orange)
    the orb of coin as weapon (+2)
    all armor have green manastone

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    she has more of 800k abys point
    she has all abys stigma (dps and cc both)

    she has 100m, many many kind of item for a value of more of 50m, 142 platinum medal [you can take accessory or weapon in easy mode]
    many enchantment (2x87 2x85 2x83 1x81 1x78 3x77 and other kind [you can put up a weapon]
    many different of pet

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    499 eccencetapping
    488 aethertapping
    506 master alchemy (with many many fine design: you can take like 7-8m for day if you craft)
    499 artistan cooing (with recipe of perer aether)

    many many scroll and all kind of consumable

    the account has a cleric 55, sm 53 and other carachter in perento (all elyos)
    for istance the cleric and chanter has many many flux and other character has a not bad equip

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    I think sell it for 125 eur (but you can make offer), I have all date of account (serial account, pass, pin).
    Buy with paypal (is good for our-self)
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