WTS Top Sorc On Infinite Aion Greed Server Elyos Side

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    Selling a top class sorcerer on the server Infinite Aion - Greed Elyos side Gear are as follow: Weapons - +11 Stormwing Tome fused with e50 abyss tome 10% pvp attack. Remodeled with lvl 55 pvp tome. Has godstone to inflict 1880 water damage with 2% chance. Socketed with all magic boost +27 - +10 Tahabata Tome fused with e50 abyss tome 10% pvp attack. Has godstone to paralyze target for 5% with 2% chance. Socketed with all magic resist +14 - +10 Noble Tac Officer's Spellbook fused with Noble Coliseum Champion's Grimoire 11% pvp attack with 2nd Conditioning Effect. Has godstone to silence for 8 seconds with 5% chance. Socketed with all magical accuracy +14 Armor - Full e50 abyss clothe set. All 5 pieces are enchanted to +11. socketed with all magical accuracy +14. Set is remodeled with lvl 55 abyss gear. - Full Tac Officer's Divine Tunic Set. Socketed with all magic boost +27. Chest piece remodeled with Long Sleeve Seduction from the Clothe Importer from TvT - Full Noble Coliseum Champion's Tunic set minus the gloves. Socketed with all magic resist +14. - +11 Guardian Brigade General Clothe Gloves. Socketed with all magic resist +14 Accessories 2x e50 Abyss Rings (Guardian Primus Pilus's Turquoise Ring) 2x Debilikarim's Turquoise Earrings 2x Anurati's Turquoise Rings 1x Guardian Brigade General's Sash 1x Debilikarim's Turquoise Necklace 1x Noble Elegant Corundum Glasses 1x Sublime Coliseum Champion's Bandana 1x Noble Operative's Wings (From Donation) Other Stuff -Bunch of pots, scrolls, etc. You won't have to worry about buying them from the broker for a long time. Also loaded with abyss potions. -Have main greater pvp stigmas such as Illusion, Arcane Thunderbolt, Illusion Storm, Sleeping Storm, Elemental Ward, Supplication of Focus, etc. -27 Platinum Medals, 17779 Crucible Insignia, 351 Courage Insignia. These are in the warehouse. -Event Ring of Ancient Magic (From Donation) -400kk kinah -Has 5962 kills. Top rank was Elyos Army General. -Account also has a lvl 55 assassin with full e30 with all pieces +11 and filled with Ancient Crowns. Sin has 2195 kills. I'm looking for serious offers as I worked very hard on these characters. PM me if you want screenshot proof of my characters. I will usually reply pretty fast as I check this site daily.
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