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    So, in a week I won't be able to have any time for games; so I decided to quit and sell my account... Even though 2.7 with the pvp arenas would be awesome.. Well anyway, some details about the account then. 55 elyos gladiator on perento 36 elyos sin Twink on telemachus/+some other 20ish lvl alts. Gladi on perento: Gear: * +15 Zapiels spear with 30 elite pvp spear + Silence godstone ( best weapon for a gladiator in the game ) * Full +13 Elite 50 pvp set (every single part is +13) with Crit/Acc/Hp socketed for the best pvp. *Full Miragent set with atk stones for PvE *Vorpal dagger + Geffens warhammer (with general godstones on it) for PvE *Full dragon flame set plate. *500K AP ITEMS IN WH. *About 20x Dyes of all colours *ALL event hats *A shitton of emotes *Both Motions bought (ninja+hoovering) * +1 Master nanyu bow with elite 30 pvp bow with Slow godstones ( very strong bow that most rangers use ) * L 55 ETERNAL Accesories : Necklace, Belt, Earring X 2 * L 50 Gold pvp rings x2 ( SO together with my +13 full set giving me 302 STRIKE RESIST without scroll ) Also on the account: *60Million kinah in cash * 7x LvL 85 Enchantment stone * 7x LvL 87 Enchantment stone * ALOT of the best consumables + 40x Saam King's Herbs for the real epic pvp battles. And lots of pets and stuff on those pets that I'm forgetting... All in all this is just one of the best gladiators you can buy with everything you need to rape ppl in pvp, sadly I can't continue for real life.. But you can! Offer me in whisper, and low offers will be ignored. Take care
Thread Status:
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