WTS: Top 5 Monk For Sale.

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    Server: Xegony Race / Gender / Class: Human, Male, Monk Level, AA's and Leader AA's: 90, 6245, All group LAA, 4 RLAA Expansions Owned/Missing: All expansions owned. Original Owner Yes/No: yes Secret Answer Yes/No: yes(will provide after 90 days so no paypal reversal shenanigans can take place.) Stats : 64380HP, 6498 AC with Metal. 65348HP, 6309 with Elemental. Server Transferable Yes/No: Yes Willing To Provide Land Line Number Yes/No: I don't have a land line, but I can provide my personal cell as well as a work number. Also willing to provide in game screen shots, or even make a youtube video of me logging in, etc. Payment Methods Available: Paypal preferred. Will take a cashier's check. Character Keys/Flags: All group content. All raid content minus Frostcrypt through Crystallos(I was retired for a couple of years). Price Looking For Or Offers: Taking offers. Please don't waste either of our time, though. This is a top 5 monk. Additional info: My armor is full t3 raid visibles. I have the best weaponset in the game, as well as t3 blunts and t4 2hbs for playerup where mobs might have blunt weaknesses. The non-visible slots are a mixture of t4 raid-convorteum pieces. All focuses are spoken for. I have nearly the best aug set you can get, minus about 4 augs. I have all tradeskills maxed out, as well as a complete raid shawl 2.0. My smithing, brewing, and tailoring trophies are all maxed out(15% mods). All others are 6/7(12% mods). Can request tacvi. I have completed OMM raids. My living legacy augs are maxed out, minus one that is 1 AC and 1 HSTR short of full. I have all raiding rk 3 discs. Useful clickies: Max overhaste(AM III), Clicky haste(50%), Circle of Power III(Crit aura), Targetable Shrink, Briarcoat, Every variety of DS click, Fixed duration invisibility(shroud of steam-- also claimable multiple times on this account, so any character created there will have it), Levitate, Beneficial dispell(anguish robe), Multiple slot dispell(abashi's rod), Plane of Time shurken pouch, and many more. Illusion clicks: Dark Elf, Water Elemental, Fire Elemental, Specter, Ice Goblin, Red Gargoyle, Harpy, Froglock(new model), Iksar, Raptor, Frost Bone skeleton, Minotaur, Aviak, Banshee, Earth Elemental, Wood Elf, Fairy(beta reward) Mounts: Casino Drogmor, Emp Mount(White Horse), Snow Tiger(2010 Fan Faire reward, very rare), Festive Braxi saddle -- all are bardspeed. Braxi and Tiger are Heirloom, so can be moved around on the server in the shared bank slots.
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