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    Sell Acc: 1300 wins normal +-, Silverv, 50k ip, All this skins included legendarys, All Champions, 10 Rune pages, Almost all runes. NA, Lot of Rare Icons. Im the First Owner. This are the skins: ahri: Foxfire-dynasty akali: Crimsom Alsitar: All Amumu: little knight-sad robot anivia: bird of prey Annie: Red riding(Limited, Dont exist now), annie wonderland Ashe: freljord - queen ashe Blitz: Boom boom - pitsover Legendary Brand :cyocore- Zombi Legendary Cait: artic - safari . sheriff cass: siren- desperada Chogath: nightmare, gentleman LEGENDary, corki : RED BARON LEGENDARY Darius: all Diana: Dark valk Mundo: rageborn - corporate LEGENDARY draven: soul reaven Elise: death bloss eve: masquerade Ez: frosted. PULSEFIRE EZ LEG fidd: spectral. dark candy (LTd) fiora royal guard, nightravven, fizz: tundra, atlant galio: comand - gatekeeper Legendary GP: spooky , comando garen: sanguine , comando , rugged gragas: oktoberfest greaves : mafia heca: All included hallowen Heim: alien invader LEGENDARY Lmted irelia: infiltratos, frostblade janna: frost queen , tempest jarvan: darkforge, comando Jax: Vandal Jayce: Full metal Karma: sakura Karthus: pentakil kart kass: harbinger kat High command, Slay belle kyle: viridian, battleborn, judgment kennen; deadly, doctor, swamp Khax: Metal Kog: jurassic Lb: prestigiuos Lb Lee: Muai tai - traditional leona : iron solari LULU : All! Lux: sorc, spellthief, comando, stell lux malph : marble- glacial Malz: overlord mao: totemic. haunted. yi: assasin, ionia Mf: wateloo, road warrior Morder: infernal. pentakill mk morgana: sinful succulence, blade mistress, namy: koi nasus: galactic Naut: ALL! Nid: pharaon Noct: All Included Eternum Legendary nunu: nunu bot. LEGENDARY OLAF: forsaken. brolaf Legendary, pentakill orianna: Bladecraft phant: fullmetal poppy: noxus, blacksmith rammus: ninja renek: rune war rengar: la unica que tinee riven: 3, less bunny, Included championship ryze: uncle ryze Sejuani: darkrider shaco: masked, workshop, mad hatter. shen: frozen , yellow jacket shyv: boneclaw, darkflame singed: mad sientist, augmented sion: warmorged sivir: warrior princess skarner: erathrune sona: pentakill, guquin, arcade soraka: dryad syndra: justicar. taric: bloodstone teemo : recon, astronaut Legendary .panda tristana: riot girl, Firefighter Legendary, buccaner, rocket girl trundle: junkyard trynd: highland, demon blade legendary Tf : jack of hearts, tango, high noon, underworld tf twitch: vandal udyr: primal urgot: giant enemy varus: blight cystal vayne: dragonslayer, heartseeker veigar: white mage, leprechaun , bad santa, vi: neon strike viktor: full machine voli: All! ww: big bad, feral wu: volcanic xerath: scorched earth xin: comand, winged hussar yorik: pentakill zed: shockblade zigg : mad scientist, major, snow day zilean: time machine zyra: wildfire zyra Any question Or offer u can contact me By my email : [email protected] . Cya GG
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