WTS: The Ultimate VIP Lifetime Account for Sale - 4 LVL 65 + 2000 Gold

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    Hello and well done on finding this post, you are now in a position to obtain the best lotro lifetime account ever been offered for sale anywhere on-line. For sale is a lifetime VIP account (Grants access to every bit of content and you will pay no monies ever, except for paid expansions...next is due in Sept/Oct 'Rise of Isengard') On this account are 4 level 65 Characters: Hunter, Loremaster, Guardian and Champion + low level 'bank' character. Also included are PvMP Characters: Warleader, Spider, Warg, Reaver (all between rank 6-8!!) So why is this account so very special, well its down to the gear and the items, also two of the Characters are high ranked PvMP players Rank 12 + Rank 9 Two of the characters have complete Barad Guldur Raiding Armour (5 piece set bonus) as well as 3 and 1 pieces from Ost Dunnoth Raid. The weapons on the two main characters have the best stats possible both characters have 2 lvl 65 second age main weapons (yes Two!) one with a bias towards solo PvMP play and the other bias towards Fellowship/raid play as well as at least one secondary class slot legendary weapon, ie Hunter sword, loremaster book, guardian belt etc. These are so good that the new First Age weapons would in fact be worse for the characters, hence why i haven't gotten them but should you want u have so much gold u could buy 10 of them if you so wished from the auction house!! In lotro weapons are termed 'legendary', this refers to the customisation you can do by adding what are called 'legacies' - most of my weapons have 7 legacies (1st age only 6!) and they are nearly all maxed to tier 9 meaning (i say nearly of course my two main playing characters are maxed!) that means I get the most value from my allocated points. Also weapons can be enhanced by using runes settings and gems, again my characters have the absolute best of these including the very very latest 'true' variety! The jewellery is also the absolute best you can get, although gear is considered individual and subjective and that lotro doesn't have a 'cookie cutter' build i can assure you that anyone that 'inspects' my 2 main characters would agree that they both have the absolute best you can currently get including the very latest pieces - (update 3) from new instances skirmishes and raid! My items and materials - well where do i start...I have maxed my vault space on all characters and they are pretty much full !! 120 items per character I wont go into every piece i own here but suffice it to say that i have stacks of 25 tier 4 relics 1,000,000's of item experience coins and i do mean millions and millions, i have potions to heal and give power, hope, enhanced damage and scrolls of this and that, i have old armour and jewellery from the previous highest level instances, dozens and dozens of identified 3rd age weapons, I have numerous barter coins from various high level areas that can be traded for damage type, empowerment or delving scrolls, armour and off hand weapons, shields etc. My vaults are an aladins cave of items that will keep you at the top of the game for a long time to come. I have not included these items in the 2000+ gold that is held on my characters but if I was to estimate a value on the materials and items contained it would be several hundred gold again. I also have a deluxe house on the account full of some of the hardest to get trophies in the game! As well as additional vault space again with lots of items from more crafting raw materials to housing items and pvmp tokens which incidentally have a very high re-sale value (ie. Brilliant stones). The house is so good it even got an award from the gms! Some final details on the characters my main has done all the deeds in the game apart from 3 (grrrr at Grims in forochel), obviously all characters have there virtues at max level (10) and also two of them have completed there reputation with every single faction gaining the 'world renown' title in the process. Crafting guild 'Kindred' status with jeweler, weaponsmith, woodworker, tailor and scholar + metalsmith cook, forester, prospector, farmer all at supreme level. I have more horses than the 5th cavalry including the hard to get rank 12 Horse and the black Moria Goat and Skeleton Horse. So how much for this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity, what I intend to do is let this post run for up to 4 weeks enabling as many people to get a chance to bid as possible. The highest bidder will be chosen after that point in time. I have spent many years playing this game and have invested a lot of time in it, you are in effect contributing towards that time as the items and characters ultimately are owned by Turbine, I do not want to publish on a public forum specific details of character names or the server i play on so please don't ask. However should someone be genuinely desperate to get playing and they offer a suitable amount i would consider selling prior to the 4 weeks. NB: I forgot to mention this account comes with appox '5000' Turbine points to spend in the store ! And as a lifetime VIP you will receive 500 free Turbine points each month for ever !! The characters can be transfered to any server you wish at your cost prior to hand over
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