WTS: Templar55/Glad50 Spatalos

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    Main: Templar 55 lvl Equip: ://gyazo/2145ec9c88983af11e6...png?1327077230 Eternal Abyss 55lvl Greatsword Merged with Master Carved Drenite Greatsword Zapiel's Greatsword merged with 40 abyss + paralyze godstone Extendable Hammer with Block +27 / Eternal Abyss 55 lvl Shield with block+27 Beshmundir Templar set with HP+95 Miragent Plate set with Magic boost (for godstone dmg) 40lvl PVP Elite Abyss Plate set with attack+5 and critical+15 Dragon Flame Plate set (Huge fire resistance) 55 Eternal PVP Chain arena set with Condition 2 (for huge magical resist) Lucky Wings Crafting: Gathering 421 Aether 403 WeaponSmithing 501 (Master) ArmorSmithing 458 Alchemy 399 Manastones: 15x HP +95 83x Magical Resist +14 139x Physical Crit +17 57x Block +27 100x Magic Boost +27 62x Accuracy +27 83x Attack +5 This manastonesa can be sold for hundreds of milion! Other: 12,5M kinah 650k AP (273k AP + 377k AP in items) 30k Crucible Insignias 1,5k PvP Insignias 10 gold medals, 123 platinum medals and 120 daily for plat medals available 2x L87 enchant PvP Arena potions and scrolls PVP stigmas hundreds of shards, food, scrolls - ready to play when you log in Alt: Gladiator 50 lvl Equip: ://gyazo/aa5de93b125429c48c4...png?1327077263 30lvl PVP Elite abyss plate set +10 35 lvl Extendable spear merged with Expert Noble Adamantium Spear (with +16% att. speed) Crafting: Gathering 408 Aether: 484 Alchemy 460 Other: 364k AP 5M kinah PVP stigmas hundreds of shards, food, scrolls - ready to play when you log in I am first owner and i have serial codes Both characters are on Spatalos 27 months paid, all veteran bonuses Playable Until: Feb 3, 2012 Price: 300? / 400$
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