WTS Templar lvl50 Israphel

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    Looking to sell my day-one "Collector's Edition" level 50 Elyos Templar. Account has never expired or been suspended, so you get all veteran rewards ahead of most people. The account also has every reward given out from the Aion Magazine monthly series. Some other account highlights: * 8 characters, all on Israphel with 5 of them level 30+ * Level 40 Spiritmaster with full Daevanian armor (all pieces at least +1) and combined +10 Daevanian weapon! (Yes, this character has Fear Shriek) * Main character has Daevanian weapon quest completed and just needs turn in, great for getting a second weapon/shield for an alt such as an Assassin, Cleric, or Gladiator! * Main character has Miragents Boots, Gloves, and Pauldrons! * Main character has Anuhart Boots, Pants, and Pauldrons! * Main character is almost completely green manastone socketed! * Main character currently has 183k AP with another 100k coming from Major Crowns provided by the "Dash of the Daevas" event! * Main character has 6/8 fragments for the complete "Divine Dragon" quests, choose your own weapon/shield! * Main character is a 449 "Expert Weaponsmith" and has learned the majority of the recipes! * Main character is 399 Alchemist with 2/3 steps completed for "Expert Alchemist" test! * Kinah 28m
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.