WTS Templar 50 Elyos,Eu Perento server

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    Have here one of the top accounts you'll find for a while, I?ve spent the last 6 weeks from morning to night pouring my soul and sweat into leveling/questing/gearing him up. Up for grabs is a level 50 Templar on EU Perento server, hardest class to get to 50 by far, every other class is ez mode compared to this one, but the benifits of being 50 with this monster are worth it. The class is the main part of any team and there is barely any 50 templars around so your always needed, especially with the equip/stigmas this one possess'. Templars at 50 are unstoppable in 1v1 pvp and steam roll every class(clerics/chanters can be a little annoying and generally turns into a long long fight often), and do great burst dps at that level too if equiped correctly, no class can kill you or gank you without you getting away or just turning their gank into a quick death for them. Account is subbed until 1st of december. On the account there is 16,600,000+ kinah to play with, you wont need to use it to spend on anything except enchants when you upgrade some parts of armour eventually tbh. I've already bought all the expensive and essential stigmas(unwavoring devotion, bodyguard, provoking roar V etc). I've completed every single quest upto 46+, all campaign quests are finished except the last level 50 one for the gold armour(gives you something to do in Dark Poeta!) Have the Level 50 blue Wings etc. Have 27/50 of the available titles. Character has around 20,000 AP, spent some before for revival stones, but im sure you can farm AP easy with this guy. also there is a level 10 assasin on the account so you can use it as a spare warehouse/auctioneer. I didnt bother with much crafting, altho he does have 399 extracting skill, so perfect to gather anything you ever need. There is a looads of Rare blue/gold ores in the warehouse and many other quite expensive things you could use/sell. This is a REAL endgame character, ready for all endgame material, the lv50 gold sword he has is extendable(check pic) with a 5 ft range and VERY rare drop from last boss in Theo Lab. ://aionarmory/item.aspx?id=100000727 . I dont think there is anyone else on the server with the sword as of yet. Extendable wep + tank = you take even less dmg from boss Aoe, you will be the main tank in any legion, plus its a weapon you probably will never change or need too. The best pvp abyss sword is only 12 base dmg more and +4 attack speed. Also equiped with gold SR platemail chest, all other items are blues with + phys crit and 1 green (gloves i was going to replace with attack spd quest ones). I'll only accept paypal for this account and from verified people from EU. I will email the winner the account login details and the ncsoft webpage account logins too. Thanks for looking and good luck ! Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have! some piccies > ://img8.imageshack.us/g/72321849.jpg/ Notes I am new in this forum and i hope i did all by the rules. Start bidding.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.