WTS: [Telemachus EU][Elyos]WTS 55 Ranger+51 Sorc+50 Glad+49 Sin+37 Cleric

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    Elyos, telemachus server.

    -Lvl 55 ranger full elite abyss 40+5, menotios longbow+10 merged with abyss 40 elite, full abyss jewelry most of is lvl 30 some are lvl 55, all stigma quests done also beshmundir temple completed;
    -Lvl 51 sorcerer full elite abyss 30, abyss 30 jewelry, attack speed tome;
    -Lvl 50 gladiator 4/5 elite abyss 30+10, abyss 30 jewelry, extendable polearm+10 and premium hair;
    -Lvl 49 assassin, almost naked;
    -Lvl 37 cleric full gold pve

    Collector edition, around 10kk kinah, account not active.

    Fast sell price: 160 € or leave your offer. No less than 100 euros.

    Payment Method: Paypal.

    add me on msn if interested --> deleted
    or post here
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.