[WTS] SWTOR Account with 2 level 50s ( Sorcerer Healer and Marauder )

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    Main : Level 50 Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer “Healer” Server : Tomb of Freedon Nadd “EU” Gear : Full Rakata gear with Nightmare/Hard Mode weapons and trinkets. Some level 50 epic Champion PVP gear. All this gear is for Healing. Additionaly one of the companions has full level 50 epic gear. Professions : Biochem 400, Bioanalysis 400, Slicing 400 Mounts : Nightmare Mode Soa car ( very rare ). Dark Side rank 5 car and normal level 25, 40 and 50 mounts. Perks : All Datacrons farmed. All Color Crystals farmed. Additional info : Made all the level 50 Biochem epics needed for healing ( Buff stim, CD stim and Healing stim ). Reputation : The character is in the best guild on the server. Titles : It has all the Titles along with the Server First ones from Nightmare Mode and the Founder title. Credits : 200.000 Alt : Level 50 Sith Warrior Marauder “DamageDealer” Server : Uthar Wynn “EU” Gear : Full Champion level 50 PVP gear. Also has some level 50 epic PVE items. A few of the Companions have some level 50 epic items. Professions : Slicing 400, Scavenging 400, Underworld Trading 200ish Mounts : Dark Side rank 5 level 50 mount along with the level 25, 40 and 50 normal mounts with the 110% speed. Perks : Farmed a few Datacrons but not all. Additional info : The professions on this character are a goldmine and the economy on the server is pretty active. Reputation : Good reputation on the Server as helpful player and officer of a Social Guild. Titles : All the storyline Titles with the Founder title. Credits : 1.400.000 Asking Price : 250,00 euros For contact PM me here.
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