WTS: SWTOR account -- 3 50s, PVP geared, max crafts

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    I'm looking to sell my SWTOR account as I've burnt myself out on it playing 14 hours a day since the game came out combined with the fact that I'm now starting back at work. Every single character is male and on a very populated USE-PVP. This account has a very nice legacy level as well sitting at legacy level 26! Please send me a message on here with offers or any questions you might have! This account has THREE 50s! 50 Bounty Hunter Powertech Rank 60 Valor BATTLEMASTER 2 sets of FULL DPS Champion PVP gear (1 for Torian)! 1 set of FULL Champion tank PVP gear (Blizz or hybrid spec, tank switch)! 2 pieces of Columi Battletech gear! All 6 Wynz-Tech grenades crafted! 400 Cybertech/400 Scavenging/400 Underworld Trading! ALL level 49 EPIC armoring recipes on Biochem! Tons of Materials! Fully geared Mako in epic armorings and mods! 50 Sith Juggernaut Rank 35 Valor 4 pieces of DPS Champion PVP Gear! 400 Biochem/400 Bioanalysis Rakata Power Adrenal! Rakata Might Stim! Level 50 epics with Mastercraft slots! Tons of Materials! 50 Sith Sorcerer Rank 28 Valor 2 pieces of DPS Centurion PVP Gear! 400 Artifice/400 Archeology/400 Treasure Hunting! Fully moded custom gear decked in level 49 EPIC mods, armoring, enhancements Tons of Materials! level 35 Imperial Agent Sniper Rank 25 Valor! 300 Armstech/300 Scavenging/400 Slicing Geared all the way to 50 with awesome mods, enhancements and armorings sitting in the bank!! FULL set of customizable gear!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.