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    Hello all, I want to sell my account because I do not have time to play anymore, so here it goes. Main character is a lvl 55 Assassin with the following: Armors: Noble Coliseum Champion's Jerkin +8 (55 lvl eternal arena) Noble Coliseum Champion's Boots +5 (55 lvl eternal arena) Noble Coliseum Champion's Breeches +2 (55 lvl eternal arena) Noble Coliseum Champion's Shoulderguards +5 (55 lvl eternal arena) Noble Coliseum Champion's Vambrace +5 (55 lvl eternal arena) Full Attack +5 socketed. Also Fenris Cloth set full Magic Boost +27 socket. Weapons: Archon Brigade General's Sword +10 (55 lvl eternal abyss) Silence Godstone, Attack +5 fully socket. Noble Coliseum Champion's Brand +10 (55 lvl eternal arena) Blind Godstone, Attack +5 fully socket. Fenris Bow combined with lvl 30 Abyss Bow (50 lvl Gold ) full crit strike socket. Extendable Weapons: Alukina's Sword +1 (46 lvl gold ) Slow movement godstone, Accuracy +25 fully socket. Kasika's Claw +3 (40 lvl gold ) Slow movement godstone, Accuracy +25 fully socket. Jewelry: Archon Brigade General's Corundum Earrings 2x (55 lvl eternal abyss) Archon Brigade General's Corundum Necklace (55 lvl eternal abyss) Archon Brigade General's Corundum Ring 2x (55 lvl eternal abyss) Archon Brigade General's Leather Belt (55 lvl eternal abyss) Horned Dragon Emperor's Malevite Glasses ( lvl 55 gold balic ) I prefere them over any other headgear in game because of the elemental resists. Medals/Ap/Kinah 71 platinum medals // 206.000 ap with crowns inside inventory + 196 crusader tokens and 67 daemon tokens ( can be exchanged for crown bags ) About the kinah. About 130.000.000 on all chars BUT I got huge amounts of Firm balic materials ( Firm Balaur Horn x 150, Firm Balaur Skin x 269, Pliant Firm Balaur Skin ready for weaponsmith x 140, Firm Balaur Scale x 245, Solid Balaur Horn x 69, Solid Balaur Skin x 269, Solid Balaur Scale x 245, Boiling Balaur Blood Stain x 363, Burning Balaur Heart for balic recepies x 308, lots of balaur fluxes green, blue and gold and a lot of processed balic mats for weaponsmith, tailoring, handicraft on a mule) paralyze godstone, 20 x essoterance scrolls, 10 x Beshmundir Scrolls, 10 x Adma Scrolls, NTC scrolls and a lot of accessories fluxes on the ranger that has handicraft glass recepies. Also 2 x 101 enchantment stones and 2 x 109 enchantment stones. If you decide to sell all those mats u can make 1 billion easy. Crafts: Master Weaponsmith 505 skill. All balic recepies till lvl 50 and all balic lvl 55 polearm recepies. Artisan Tailor 499 skill. Almost all balic and expert recepies for skins, twinks you name it. Expert Aethertaping 499/499 Expert Essencetaping 499/499 Journeyman Alchemy 399/399 Morphing with 90% of the recepies ( all the important ones are there on 3 chars ) Manastones: Resist Magic +14 x 78 Attack +5 x 66 Attack +2 x 600 Magic Accuracy + 14 x 30 Magic Boost + 27 x 25 Courage Insignia x 1450 Crucible Insignia x 38.000 My secondary character is a lvl 55 Gladiator with the following: Armor Stately Coliseum Champion's Breastplate + 2 (55 lvl eternal arena) Noble Coliseum Champion's Greaves + 1 (55 lvl eternal arena) Stately Coliseum Champion's Sabatons +1 (55 lvl eternal arena) Stately Coliseum Champion's Gauntlets +1 (55 lvl eternal arena) Stately Coliseum Champion's Shoulderplates +1 (55 lvl eternal arena) Accuracy +27 and Critical Strike +17 fully socket. 2nd set is Elite Archon Squad Leader's Set (30 lvl gold abyss ) +9 Elite Archon Squad Leader's Breastplate +2 Elite Archon Squad Leader's Gauntlets +10 Elite Archon Squad Leader's Greaves +10 Elite Archon Squad Leader's Shoulderplates +10 Elite Archon Squad Leader's Sabatons This set is a mix of attack crit and accuracy but i wanted to make it full attack +4 for pve. Weapon Only 1 weapon for true gladiators: +15 Commander Bakarma's Spear combined with Elite Archon Tribunus's Spear and Silence Godstone, full Accuracy +27 and Critical Strike +17. Best Extendable in game at the moment. Jewelry Stately Chain Coliseum Champion's Hood (55 lvl eternal arena) Archon Brigade General's Corundum Ring (55 lvl eternal abyss) Debilkarim's Corundum Necklace (52 lvl gold pve) Noah's Tears (50 lvl pve gold) 2 x Blue pve earrings lvl 53 Menotio's Belt (50 lvl gold pve) Medals/Ap/Kinah 26.000 abyss points on gladiator, 24 crusader tokens, 13 daemon tokens, 2 gold medals and 64 platinum medals and 27.000.000 kinah. Craft/Manastones Master Cooking 541/549 skill This char is a kinah making machine. Has the best foods in game ( balic and non balic) Accuracy +27 x 14 Crit Strike + 17 x 25 HP +95 x 26 HP + 85 x 2 Crit Strike +15 x 13 Accuracy +25 x 8 Crucible Insignia x 7000 Courage Insignia x 320 My third character is a lvl 55 Ranger with the following: Armor Beshmundir Ranger Jerkin (55 lvl gold pve set) Beshmundir Ranger Breeches (55 lvl gold pve set) Beshmundir Ranger Vambrace (55 lvl gold pve set) 3 parts Beshmundir set for magic resist bonus full Hp socket. Noble Coliseum Champion's Shoulderguards (55 lvl eternal arena ) Stormwing's Boots (55 lvl eternal pve) Last 2 parts Critical Strike Socket. Weapon Master Noble Korie Bow (55 lvl eternal crafted ) merged with Coliseum Champion's Flatbow (55 lvl eternal arena ) 2 x Sniron's Snack daggers for dredgion Carrot shape crafted Jewelry Archon Brigade General's Corundum Ring x1 (55 lvl eternal abyss) Archon Primus Pilus's Corundum Ring x 1 (55 lvl gold abyss) Archon Squad Leader's Topaz Earrings x 2 (30 lvl gold abyss) Vorpal Corundum Earrings x 1 (lvl 55 gold pve) Anurati's Corundum Earrings x1 (lvl 52 gold pve) Kalanadi's Belt (lvl 50 gold pve) Lakhane's Kerchief (lvl 50 gold abyss) Medals/Ap/Kinah 151.000 ap with inventory items, 9 crusader tokens, 16 platinum medals. A lot of materials for Balic lvl 55 and lvl 53 non balic glasses. Burning Balaur Blood Stain x 162 Major Dragon Blood Stone x 149 A lot of 55 Accessorie Fluxes ( white, green, blue, gold) and 2.000.000 kinah. Craft Artisan Handicraft 484/499 skill, with mats to go master. My forth character is a lvl 48 Sorc with the following: Armor 3 parts gold armor from world bosses and draupnir cave bosses 2 parts blue items from daeviation set Weapon +6 Kaliga's Tome merged with lvl 41 tome with 11% casting speed ( gold pve) Has Lannok's Tome ready for lvl 50 (50 lvl gold with 19% attack speed) Jewelry Well blue and green stuff. Medals/Ap/Kinah 244.000 abyss points, 35 silver medals , 29 platinum medals and 2.200.000 kinah. Craft/Mats/Manastones Master Alchemy 501/549 All scrolls recipes, Fine Recovery Potion recipe (huge kinah maker) My 5th character is a lvl 35 Assassin twink with the following: Armor 3/5 Daevanion set. (lvl 30 blue with set bonuses) Expert Noble Strong Boots (lvl 33 gold with 22% run speed) Expert Noble Strong Vambrace (lvl 33 gold with 6% attack speed) Weapons +10 Flash Dagger (lvl 30 blue Daevanion weapon with attack speed) 188 damgage godstone +6 Celestial Sword (lvl 30 gold) with 188 damage godstone Jewelry Blue, green pve and pvp. Medals/Ap/Kinah 242.000 abyss points, 29 platinum medals, 1.700.000 kinah. This are the mains characters and you get 1 more templar and 1 more spiritmaster over lvl 20 that are for storage. The account has veteran status, 23 months veteran rewards and is gonna get 24 when game forge gives the go. Account has Daevation Set, all chars come with pots and scrolls, main 55 chars have ap pots and fine recovery serum pots. I can also sent screenshots if need it. I am the only Account user, never hacked or used bots, good reputation on Telemachus server. Write offers here or pm me. With the account you also get the original cd-key and all need it stuff. P.S. I am not interested in trades.
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