WTS: Sub-Capital Minmatar pilot 30mil SP.

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    Positive Wallet Positive Security Status Can run level 5 Minmatar missions. PM for link to eveboard loadout. Corporation Management: (250 Points) Corporation Management x1 Drones: (2,060,092 Points) Combat Drone Operation x4 Drone Durability x3 Drone Interfacing x5 Drone Navigation x4 Drone Sharpshooting x4 Drones x5 Gallente Drone Specialization x2 Minmatar Drone Specialization x3 Scout Drone Operation x5 Electronics: (1,738,790 Points) Cloaking x4 Cynosural Field Theory x3 Electronics x5 Electronics Upgrades x5 Long Range Targeting x4 Multitasking x3 Propulsion Jamming x3 Signature Analysis x5 Survey x3 Target Painting x1 Targeting x5 Engineering: (2,147,510 Points) EM Shield Compensation x3 Energy Emission Systems x3 Energy Grid Upgrades x5 Energy Management x4 Energy Systems Operation x5 Engineering x5 Explosive Shield Compensation x3 Kinetic Shield Compensation x3 Shield Compensation x4 Shield Management x4 Shield Operation x5 Shield Upgrades x4 Tactical Shield Manipulation x4 Thermic Shield Compensation x3 Gunnery: (10,890,297 Points) Advanced Weapon Upgrades x5 Controlled Bursts x3 Gunnery x5 Large Artillery Specialization x4 Large Autocannon Specialization x4 Large Projectile Turret x5 Medium Artillery Specialization x4 Medium Autocannon Specialization x4 Medium Projectile Turret x5 Motion Prediction x5 Rapid Firing x5 Sharpshooter x5 Small Artillery Specialization x4 Small Autocannon Specialization x4 Small Energy Turret x1 Small Hybrid Turret x1 Small Projectile Turret x5 Surgical Strike x5 Trajectory Analysis x5 Weapon Upgrades x5 Industry: (257,665 Points) Industry x5 Mining x2 Refining x1 Leadership: (527,530 Points) Leadership x5 Warfare Link Specialist x4 Mechanics: (970,196 Points) Armor Rigging x1 Astronautics Rigging x1 EM Armor Compensation x3 Explosive Armor Compensation x3 Hull Upgrades x5 Jury Rigging x3 Kinetic Armor Compensation x3 Mechanics x5 Nanite Interfacing x3 Nanite Operation x3 Projectile Weapon Rigging x1 Repair Systems x4 Salvaging x3 Shield Rigging x1 Thermic Armor Compensation x3 Missile Launcher Operation: (1,249,582 Points) Assault Missile Specialization x3 Assault Missiles x5 Heavy Missiles x0 Light Missiles x4 Missile Bombardment x3 Missile Launcher Operation x5 Missile Projection x3 Rapid Launch x3 Rockets x3 Target Navigation Prediction x3 Warhead Upgrades x2 Navigation: (596,085 Points) Acceleration Control x2 Afterburner x4 Evasive Maneuvering x3 Fuel Conservation x1 High Speed Maneuvering x4 Navigation x5 Warp Drive Operation x4 Science: (481,514 Points) Archaeology x2 Astrometric Acquisition x3 Astrometric Pinpointing x3 Astrometric Rangefinding x3 Astrometrics x4 Cybernetics x2 Hacking x2 Infomorph Psychology x3 Science x4 Thermodynamics x4 Social: (316,785 Points) Connections x4 Diplomacy x4 Negotiation x4 Social x4 Spaceship Command: (7,828,812 Points) Amarr Frigate x4 Assault Ships x4 Battlecruisers x5 Caldari Frigate x1 Covert Ops x3 (Training to 4 atm) Destroyer x4 Gallente Frigate x4 Heavy Assault Ships x3 Minmatar Battleship x5 Minmatar Cruiser x5 Minmatar Frigate x5 Minmatar Indistrial x5 Minmatar Strategic Cruiser x0 ORE Indistrial x3 Spaceship Command x5 Transport Ships x4 Subsystems: (22,688 Points) Minmatar Defensive Systems x3 Minmatar Electronic Systems x3 Minmatar Engineering Systems x2 Minmatar Offensive Systems x2 Minmatar Propulsion Systems x2 Trade: (876,470 Points) Marketing x4 Retail x5 Trade x4 Wholesale x4 Some Notes: Has around 200mil in cash. Many fitted ships, Maelstrom, some Hurricanes, Rifters, Punishers, Thrashers, Cheetah with faction fits, Mammoths, etc. Several remaps available. Has +3 Implants with a Powergrid hardwire injected. Positive security standing with all non-pirate based factions. Almost 9.00 standing with Republic Fleet. Around 80k LP with Republic Fleet. Lot of loot, faction ammo, t2 stuff. Can train into Recon Ships, Marauders, Command Ships.. Just buy the book. Two ways to buy this pilot. Option #1 Just the pilot and you want him transfered to your own account: Starting Bid $100 Buyout: $135 plus $15 transfer fee (Eve's fee) Option #2 The account. Has two characters, this one and the other has around 2mil SP The subscription is paid up to October first (42 Days remaining) Starting Bid $120 Buyout: $155 (No Transfer Fee) Must pay using Paypal, verified account only! Must send payment using the Gift option.
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