[WTS] Star Wars the Old Republic account. Lvl 50 Sith Marauder and lvl 25 sniper

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    Im looking to sell my account on Kinrath Spider server. Characters are on the Empire side. Level 50 Marauder -His pvp set is 11/14 Champion. The other 3 peices are a teir 2 pve trinket, teir 2 pve offhand and tier 1 pvp chest -His pve set is tier 3 belt and bracers, teir 2 (or teir 2 equivalent) gloves and offhand (all earpieces, trinkets, and implants are teir 2 as well), and the remaining gear is all teir 1 equivalent, helm, chest, pants, boots. -This character has all the strength, endurance, and even willpower datacrons completed ( I figured Id do the willpower ones to make his force shout hit harder). Even has the +10 to all stats datacron completed. -Currently at valor rank 53. Already has one Battlemaster gear bag for when the character hits rank 60 valor. -maxed out professions which are Synthweaving, Underworld Trading, and Archeology -Has lots of extras in his bags including 4 boe epic 50 items (one for sniper, the other 3 are pants for dps juggernaut that could be sold or used for an alt). -Currently has 200k credits on him -Maxed out mount training along with the top speed mount Level 25 Sniper -Has a boots that are lvl 50 item lvl 124(tier 1 equivalent) waiting in the marauders bag for when the sniper hits 50. -Valor rank 18 -Lvl 25 epic sniper rifle -Has 25k credits on him -Professions are 191 Amormech, 147 Scavenging, 136 Underworld Trading -Has his mount and speeder training Post a reply on this thread if interested in the account. Only accepting PayPal for payment. Message me on @ ddlyrfl after you have posted on this thread. ---------- Post added 02-18-2012 at 01:09 AM ---------- ---------- Post added 02-18-2012 at 01:12 AM ---------- First picture is the Marauder in PVE gear Second Picture is the Sniper and the Third picture is the Marauder in his PVP gear
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