WTS: Spiritmaster lvl 60 Asmo Anuhart

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    Very good PvPvE geared SM on asmo side Anuhart: PvP gear : Elite Archon Commander Pauldrons +5 - 4xMacc, 2xMB Elite Archon Commander Shoes +5 - 4xMacc, 2xMB Elite Archon Commander Gloves +5 - 6xMacc Antro Tunic +10 - 5xMacc, 1xMB Genium Leggins +10 - 4xMacc, 2xMB Antro Helmet Weapon: Elite Archon Commander Hexbook +12 fused with Tiamat Guardian Tome eternal - full 11xMacc, silence GS on Acc : 3 lvl 60 and 2 lvl 55 PvP accessories PvE gear : Full Tiamat Guard eternal set, two parts 6 slot, full MB 27 Full Primal Spirit Cloth set , full MB weapon: 6 slot Vasharti orb +7 fused with Tac officer - full MB Acc : Debilkarim earring, Kahrun rings, Kahrun helmet, Kahrun belt and necklase ------------------------------------------------ About 600KK in WH, plenty of mats and skins, every single stigma for SM in WH, lot manastones in WH as well, various Godstones in WH, mounts and mansion 600+K relics plus 60 miths in WH Aethertapping - 497 Essencetapping - 442 Alchemy - 500
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.