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    Sell Char on l2darkzone - maxcheaters/forum/index.php?topic=64028.0 _________________________________________________________________________ [youtube]youtube/watch?v=Si71ptcJZzo[/youtube] [youtube]youtube/watch?v=2hxjm2JibME&NR=1[/youtube] _________________________________________________________________________ Char Name "Victorious". Class SoulTaker. One Of The Best if not the Best SoulTaker in Server. PvP's : 3.000 and 440 pk. 10place on pvp board in only 170h online time. Items. Major Arcana Robe Set +16 - 4 Fun. Dynasty Wizard Robe Set +16. - Full Resisted. Jewels. Boss Jewels Valakas +16 Antharas +16 Zaken +16 Baylor +16 - hard to obtain. Baium +16 Beleth +16 Weapons. Augmented. Ic Spirit. - Matk. Ic Spirit. - Pdef. Ic Spirit. - Lesser Celestial Shield. Ic Spirit. - Active Heal. Ic Hall . - Active Mdef. Skills. Death Spike +14 Vampiric Claw +15 Curse Gloom +15 Anchor +9 Full Skills lv81 Protection Of Rune - 30Glitts. Protection Of Elemental - 30 Glitts. Protection Of Aligment - 10 Glitts. Vampiric Mist - 30 Glitts. Really hard to make skills more than +10.(u need to farm more than 400 glitterings,and thats so hard. My Character Has Also a Wizard Ciclet. It Costs 100 glitts and u need like a month to make it. TvT's r w/o Bots and if u win in TvT u take 1 Glittering.(TvT's Every 2h) For More Info's... => l2darkzone/forum/index.php?topic=756.msg4722#new * l2darkzone/forum/index.php?topic=713.0 Or Leave a Reply here. thx for ur time. P.S. : 100% Safe.
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