WTS: [SOLD] Lvl75 Burg, Lvl75 Minstrel, Lvl75 Warden, R5 BA(Skills bought) on Imladris

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    The account is on Imladris and has a lvl75 Burglar, lvl75 Warden, lvl75 Minstrel, lvl67 Lore-master, and a rank 5 Blackarrow with many of its skills bought. The account has all of the expansions and every zone bought and unlocked except possibly Forochel, so you can go anywhere when VIP ends. (Can't remember if I bought Forochel and don't know how to check since the account is VIP until April 3rd.) Currently has 436 TP, but will gain another 500 when the last month of the subscription begins. Account has 30 slots of shared storage and 10 wardrobe slots. Level 75 Woman Burglar: One of the best geared Burglars on the server, probably first or second. 5 pieces of the Dinhigil Set (Tower of Orthanc DPS Set) 6 pieces of the Riddle Teller's Set (Draigoch Armor Set) Wyrmscale Acrobat's Cloak (Draigoch Cloak) Jewelry is top notch. Level 75 First Age Dagger with 3 majors and Level 65 First Age Burglar Tools with 5 majors Maxed Prospecting, Cooking, and Jeweler as a Tinker, with Master of the Guild with the Jeweler guild Has 7 tiers of Vitality tomes and 3 tiers of Agility tomes Level 75 Female Elf Minstrel: Geared for end game raids 5 pieces of the Dirge-singer Set (Draigoch Armor Set) Jewelry is a combination of 3 crafted, 3 raid drops, and 2 reputation items. Level 75 Second Age Book with 4 majors Maxed Woodworker, Farming, and Forester as a Woodsman, with Master of the Guild with the Woodworker guild Level 75 Woman Warden: 3 pieces of the Thamen Set (Tower of Orthanc Tanking Set) 6 pieces of the Tireless Sentinel Set (Draigoch Armor Set) Jewelry is mostly crafted with some from drops. Level 75 Second Age Sword and Javelin Maxed Scholar as a Historian, with Master of the Guild with Scholar guild Level 67 Man Lore-master: Maxed Tailor and Forester as a Explorer, with Master of the Guild with Tailor guild. Prospecting is not maxed but capable of collecting from any tier resource node. Rank 5 Blackarrow: Less than 3000 infamy from rank 6 Skills bought include Revenge, Vital Target, Tangleshot, Get a Grip, and Fire Trap. Bought the trait Tireless Warrior. Looking for $250 or best offer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.