WTS: Sniper Ranger Lvl 80 (Rain of arrows) GODLY!

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    SOFTCORE Hello ! I'm back for selling another quality account. This time a ranger with rain of arrows build. Why choose rain of arrows instead of lightning arrows? Build Strengths More than decent AoE, better than Lighting Arrows in some cases Great single target damage Sniping necros/totems/difficult mobs or packs can save your life/time You don't have to put your character in danger Possibility to benefit from life leech on gear High damage values trigger stuns and elemental status Able to control Point Blank In my opinion. Most rangers nowadays would switch from lightning arrows to rain of arrows due to these benefits. Some cases, lightning arrow ranger would 1 shot itself from elemental reflect mobs due to shock effect ( dmg stacks per hit) With rain of arrow, you can choose/snipe mobs w/ reflect ele mod slowly and easily. What annoys me the most are the summoner mobs that has its own meatshield. With roa, you can snipe them from long range. It is 100% PERSONAL PREFERENCE. The Reason why I chose Rain of arrows is due to the fact that if you come across a Elemental Reflect Pack you can litterally chose what you are hitting, instead of spamming a Lightning/Split arrow shot into it and it chaining a bunch of times and then you dying... I believe RoA is safer and more Effective. It also replaces your single target ability and allows you to get rid of a 5L for Kaoms.-Gankstaboo What will you get? This account includes with worth of $55 micro transactions. Premium stash bundle -Adds six extra premium tabs to your shared stash (at a discounted price). Premium tabs can have their name and colour changed whenever you want. Demon king horns - Imbues a piece of headgear with horrifying demonic horns atop a glowing eye. (Most expensive item effects at the moment) Verdant - Imbues a weapon with the power of nature, covering it with sprouting leaves and fluttering butterflies. Ivory scorpion pet - This ivory scorpion has a smooth, bone-white carapace. The godly gears. Main DPS skill Rain of arrows 20% Quality > Faster attacks > Concentrated effect > Added fire damage 6% quality > Weapon elemental damage As you can see, It's over 4364 worth of damage per hit! .34 secs for attack time.(rapid fire much) Curse skill Elemental weakness Buffs Anger(fire dmg)>Wrath (lightning dmg)>Grace(evation skill but converted to armor)> Reduced mana Meat shield agre diversion skill Spell totem > skeleton > faster casting Traps Fire trap > Bear trap (4k dps) > Added fire damage Statistics Health: 4832 (without buff) DPS: 1127.9 Armor: 8571 (40% dmg reduction) Increased Rarity: 38% Fire/Cold/Lightning Resist: 80% Chaos Resist: -28% Passive points tree: Passive Skill Tree - Path of Exile Offence: Offence tab Defence: Defence tab What my stash looks like: 2 tabs with full of uniques Unique tab Maps Map tab FINAL NOTES: My ranger can handle all kinds of maps, but some mods are just too challenging that needs time and planning to engage it. To the buyer of the account, I will give guides and strategy to use this ranger. I have tabs of many kinds of gems and some with quality. I have 2 portal gems (to sell and to use) My currency as of now for high orbs 4 exalted orbs 5 gcp and more. I will keep playing this ranger and I will decide if I raise the price, If i feel the value of it becomes more worthy. If it's your first time to buy account online. Just check out my feedback score for my buyer's testimonials. Paypal verified. No trading. PRICE: $280
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