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    PICS HERE imageshack.us/g/844/49576937.jpg/ Hello everyone. I am selling my lvl 55 SM from Spatalos Elyos It got 2 mixture 1- total MA - 1.987 total MB - 2100 2. Total MA - 1750 total MB - 2400 (with food) with chanter buffs you can reach 2650+ As equip, it got : Elite Guardian Tribunus set ( lvl 50 pvp one ) 3 parts - 3x6x 12MA manastones 1 part - 1x6x 27mb manastones 1 part - 1x3x 12MA manastones 1x3x 27MB manastones All the armor parts are enchanted +10, only gloves are +1 As you can see the set is a hybrid mixture of ma + mb Weapons Sky dragon emperor tome +10 combined with arena tome, full magic accuracy Sky dragon emperor orb +9 combined with arena orb , full magic boost Jewelry : 2 x debil earrings 2 x 55 pvp rings 1 x vorpal neck 1 x 55 eth belt As stigmas : a mixture pvp + pve since in my oppinion both stigmas trees sucks, so i decided to make a combination Got around 20k crucible points and 1.5k courage insignia Got also around 100 plat medals This sm is one of the best from the server. My record atm in arena 1vs1 is 49wins and 6 lost. Infos : i can solo lower udas with this sm i can solo eso also with this sm. The account also got a twink lvl 35 sin on Telemachus Elyos As payment method i accept only paypal For more infos and questions send me pm or leave me a message here.
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