WTS Sin/Bs Wiccana server US

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    PvP 5 Bear Shaman - All PvP 5 Gear Some T1/T2 Gear/Tiger gloves/Epic PvP 4 Minigame Boots. White Vaaghasan Slaughter Steed - All Characters on the Account can claim this. Has all gathering skills up. AA's Sleuth of Bears Steadfast Faith All Together 26 AA Points spent With 4 Mastery 3 Expertise 1 Prowess left. PvP 5 Assassin - Some PvP 5 gear/T2 Helm and Boots/PvP 4 Minigame Boots Brittle Blade belt/Scarlet Circle Armbands Epic Ofc White Vaaghasan Slaughter Steed AA's Tainted Weapons Finely Honed All together 41 AA Points spent 0 Left to spare. There is also a level 80 PvP 1 Guardian on the Account it's on Set PVE It has some T1/T2 Armor can MT T1 Raids. Not much AA's. Extra - About 4 months game time left on the Account Rotgs Collectors Edition Claims Blue Snow Mammoth Claim Double Exp Potion Claims Alternate Advancement Potion Claims 20 Offline Levels Level 26 DT Free Server transfers and a few gold across the Account. Send me a PM for YG links and offers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.