[WTS] Sigel Knight 98/80/80/78 in Naia (NCWest)

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    Sigel Knight 98 (49.75%), Shiellen templar 80(100%), Doom Cryer 80 (100%), Titan 78 in same Account Noblesse fs, duelist 84 with stone of destiny Passive Skills : superior heavy armor mastery +9 superior blunt/sword weapon mastry +6 superior shield mastery +6 m. resistanse +6 mind resistance +6 elemental mastery +6 active skills : ignore death +6 time protection of faith +7 time summon golden lion +6 power chain galaxy +6 duel king of beast +5 duel shield impact +6 chance justice punishment +6 duel last judgment +6 duel shield charge +7 duel Max SP (2.147b) 702568 fame 3x Subclass Change Certificate dyes: con +5 res dark +25 str+3 dex-1 res fire 5 con +5 augumentations: Active Augments on secondary weapons (Reflect Damage, Celestial Shield, Heal, Ressurrect, Stealth,duel might) armors: Bound Twilight Heavy Set (+3) 3x60 ( some parts are 60+) Bound Seraph Heavy Set (+3) 3x120 Giran Guard Earring +3 Bound Apocalypse Cutter +3 Haste (150 Dark) bound Amaranthine cutter +7 Blessed Apocalypse Cutter +7 haste + health ( 300 holy ) duel might pasive (with char or w/o ) Class, Freya, Frintezza, Zaken, Pearl White, Pitch Black, Blood Red cloaks other: some vit replenish 3x Feather of Blessing 137k Olympiad Token lucky enchant stone R grade x10 360x Essence of the Lesser Giants Non-tradable agathions lot of Talismans (Maximum Clarity, Old M.Def, Life Force, Divine Protection and New ones) 1st owner of all accounts, accept $/euro , pm on email : [email protected] Do not ask how much you are buyer , so I am waiting for offers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.