<WTS> Siel-NA-Templar Full Eternal Acc +Twinked out alts

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    Templar -55 EC PvP Tac Officer Greatsword +15 Pacification Greatsword /w 40 Non-E PvP Combine - Silence Godstone Surama Mace No Godstone +10 Noble Steel Coliseum Champion's Shield (70%) Dmg Reduction [Eternal EC] -Tier 2 +10 50 E PvP Set, Except Shoulder plates which is +15 Full PvP Eternal Accessories Master Cook - 513 (Perer, Innesi, Crestlich, & Feena Designs) Essencetapping - 433 Aethertapping - 493 Various Items: Various Lv 83-87 stones More than 12 Tradeable Para Godstone Tradeable 1880 Godstone Various Dyes of each color Plenty of rare skins +60 mil Manastones: Tons of each in stock! Crit, MR, MB, Atk! 400+AP pots Mana +Life Potions/Serums 400-1000 Scrolls +1000 Chanter - 55 +11-12Gloves/Boots/Shoulders 40 E EC Cruc Pants Debilkarms Staff /w Debilkarms combine 1880 godstone socketed Mostly used for pve, Full PvE Stigs and most of the PvP Stig line Assassin Lv - 43 Full +10 Flash Jerkin Gear PvP Lv 30 Earring x2 [gold] PvP Lv 30 Ring x1 [gold] PvP Lv 30 Ring x1 [blue] Warehouse: Noble Dragon Lord Blade Spiritmaster - Lv 41 Nothing really special just 479 Weapinsmith with rare designs. Sorcerer - Lv 36 +10 Celestial Jewel +11 Celestial Set +10 30 E PvP Tunic [MB] Cleric - Lv 42 +15 Celestial Warhammer [MB] +15 Dauntless Shield [MB] +10 30E PvP Chain Boots/Shoulderplates/Gauntlets Block Set +11 Dauntless Set [MB] Store Body Skins Multiple versions Elder Staff twinked for 50 Account has been active for 1 year 10 months closing in on 11. The account is paid til April. If you have any questions feel free to msg me. Please inbox offers or forward to spiffypenguin125 for quicker response.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.