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    Hello everyone,

    We Offer Accounts with Characters of Your Choice on Beholder.

    Contact us via : Shalitas87

    Prices and Packages:

    Basic 100$

    One Character LVL 60

    Class of your choice

    All feats / Power Available for you to choose

    20 Gold

    Premium 175$

    Two Characters LVL 60

    Both Class of your Choice

    All Feats & Power's available for you to choose

    40 Gold Per Character

    Please consider that this isn't power leveling and we will only sell Accounts, not Power Level your current character neither account.

    Gold Pricing:

    Beholder: 0.70$ / Gold

    Other realm not yet available.

    Payment Method:


    Terms and Conditions

    We will freshly level characters from scratch and this might take up to 1-5hours to do so, depends on the demands.

    There might be a delay of up to 5 hours between when you place the order and when you receive the account.

    Every account is guaranteed Ban Free 48hours after the purchase.

    We will not, under any circumstance, refund an order unless we can't deliver what is expected from us.

    When you place an order with us, you accept these terms and conditions
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