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    Hello every one. I submit to you Java Server Hellbound , server Gracia final If you want to know some more information, you can write to my [PM] and [PM] write to Of volond1 (PM) Lineage 2 Gracia Final -R Rabbit RSF Features rus-alliance - ChatBan Abilityт to give ban chat for player, a modified - ChatFilter The ability to filter all words on the server, russian language too - Network IP BAN The possibility banned players on the server on the IP and mask IP - GM Access The most fast and comfortable at this moment, the system of recognition and access settings for GM's - GM Log Группирование действий ГМа по категориям, actions with skill's, system of enchant, NPC and more detailed log of GM chat, hi saved only gm chat and PM messages for GM. - Hero Easy setup hero for the players, vary easy addremove for a certain number of days , new system of heroes. - Rabbit Guard New system of guard [RedRabbit]. If you want know more information usk - Rabbit Buffer Easy setting's; More function Buffer for players. - Drop In our server drop add in individual file. Very configure. - Tree of skill's player's, clan's, Fishing и global made to files for a particular class of player. - NPC Trader BL Made all system trades in file for every one NPC, every shop subject of his NPC, in core there is a possibility exhibition Number of sold items, as fully as and only some items can have number, another endless - WebVote Возможность внесения в игру итемов "правельным" путем, скрипт оптимизирован на l2top.ru и состоит из: 1. пхп скрипта на проверку ИП, 2. запись в бд с таким ип и итемом, 3. получения игроком приза через команду. - Live World Spawn more dynamic and more new settings of system spawn world of lineage 2 ---mobs---- Rabbit RSF Scripts - agathion.rsf File полностью отвечаюший за агатионов в игре, their skills and call from certain items - basics.rsf Setting affordable for players actions, standsellsummons and more another - buuffz.rsf Setting time of buffs [group] - category.rsf Usage Core for Publicaciones class of player's - classes.rsf Используется Test Server Helper for giving professions - decaytask.rsf Management time after death mob's, how much time mob will [sorry, i forgot word] on the ground, for example animation of death epic. - gmshop.rsf List items and shops for admin's and gm's - multishop.rsf List items and shops players [Gm Shop for Players] - npcai.rsf - npcaiprice.rsf Prices item's, use core - npcmodel.rsf Setting replacement display Ordinary NPC on the model of player - playerequip.rsf Setting "rules" for dressing item's. Detailed configuration - playerlvlup.rsf Setting player's exp for certain lvl, dynamic setting's - skill_learn.rsf Easy version from DB - statmax.rsf Setting maximum stats of players - transform.rsf Setting transformation - zonerespawn.rsf Setting respawn of locations Rabbit L2 World - Gameserverrsfscriptl2world More easy system of setting's of Regions Rabbit JavaC JS - GM commands * Gameserverdatascriptsjavacadmin - JS effects of skill's * Gameserverdatascriptsjavaceffects - Job for server,restart, off and more another * Gameserverdatascriptsjavactasks - NPC master's * Gameserverdatascriptsjavacvm and more,more Now you can buy Gracia final If you want to know some more information, you can write to my [PM] and [PM] write to Of volond1 (PM)
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