[WTS] Sentinel - VALOR 65 - FULLY RAID GEARED - 3.5 MIL Creds - Amazing Account

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    Looking to sell my SWTOR account. All characters are on Helm of Graush which is a very competitive US EST PvP server. PvP: The character is valor 65 (third highest on the server right now for republic) and has the valor 65 mount. It has full champion gear, battlemaster implants, earpiece, belt, and mainhand and one leftover battlemaster token. This character can blow **** up in warzones, I will post an album below containing some of the stats I've put up in warzones as examples. The character has a rep as one of the best if not the best sentinels on the server. PvE: This character is probably the most geared sentinel in terms of raiding that you can get. It has rakata helmet, chest, leggings, boots, gloves, bracers, and relics (only missing the rakata belt and ear/implants but battlemaster works well fine anyway). This character was part of the only pre-nerf hard mode soa kill on the server, and server firsted all of hard mode karaggas palace last night. Misc: The character has 400 biochem 400 bioanalysis 400 diplomacy. It has a rakata medpac, and the best rakata stim and adrenal for the class. All companions have maxed 10,000/10,000 affection so you will have the maximum chance to crit your crafting missions, additionally the doc companion has a base +5 biochem crit so this character has the maximum chance to crit biochem that you can possibly have in the game. the character has 3.5 MILLION credits. Tons of biochem mats and items (4 rakata leggings in the bank, lots of duplicate champion tokens, etc) ALTS: The account has 2 alts (both on helm of graush) one is a level 30 vanguard, the other is a level 31 gunslinger. SCREENSHOTS: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us LINK TO ALBUM: ImageShack Album - 9 images
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