[WTS] Sellling NA Level 30 Account with almost every champion and great runes!

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    This account contains the following: Every champion except Cassiopeia, Lee Sin, Leona, Orianna, Riven, Skarner, Talon, Wukong, Xereth & Yoric. The Following Skins: Stinger Akali Unchained Alistar "If you don't have one, be sure to get one for free!" Goth Annie Gentleman Chogath! Nottingham Ezreal Spectral Fiddlesticks Dreadknight Garen Judgment Kayle Tundra Hunter Warwick The following Runes: Marks: 9x Attack Speed 9x Armor Pen 9x Magic Pen 1x Crit Chance 7x AD Seals: 9x Attack Speed 9x mp/5 per level 8x Dodge 9x Armor 9x AD 3x Health per Level Glyphs: 9x Attack Speed 2x Cooldowns per level 9x Mana/5 per level 6x cooldowns 9x Flat Ability power 9x Flat Magic Resist Quints: 3x Armor Pen 3x Health 3x Ability Power The account has over 300 wins, and has 2 rank wins and 0 loses this season! I am preparing for D.O.T.A 2 so I no longer have use for this account. I will sell the account for $75, but I am willing to haggle. Paypal only! All interested buyers either message me or reply to this thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.