WTS: Selling SUPER UBER hunter on Snowbourne

Discussion in 'LOTRO Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LOTRO, 10/1/13.

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    hello there,im new to this forum i just joined to communicate a member,and sell my hunter account.first of all the account is founders,means lifetime sub no payments etc.hunter is elf male, 6/6 VM,5/6 DN no helmet,3/6 BG,has the best second age bow on the server,crit multipliers barbed arrow power costs etc.has 2 symbols more on bank,also got second age lvl 65 melee weapon with perfect legacies.jewels are lieutenant HM bracelet of the tower,ninn ranc,2 amber rings,breglochs,ancient signet pendand,and treasury stone.all traits are at least to 9-(not just the equiped,all of them)crafting is SM jeweller and kinred with guild,has amazing supply of ores in 2-3 other created chars,like 2,3k tier 6 ores,and lower tiers also.have mini stuff you would like to play with,like outfit,the best looking cloaks,and got 5 mounts.galadhrim steed,the gathburz barter one,fall festival horse,goat,and the book 15 one.has all legendary traits and class traits done,is R9 on pvmp,he is in no kin so you can start anonymus.account got shared storage purchased,and 5 alts,3 of them are banks for crafting materials,drops,precious stuff etc,and the other 2 is a burg lvl 55 sm scholar with friend in guild,and a guardian lvl 40,metalsmith.im looking for either a lvl 60+ champ, rk or capt to trade,with som,open subscription etc,or money contact me if you are interested,we can short the trade out,if you have something of the individuals.main reason bumping hunter:they seriusly nerfed the class,and im bored of pew pewing all the time.thanks for your time spent reading this!
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Not open for further replies.