[WTS] Selling Pro 2000 ELO Solo Ranked Account with Skins and Champions (1533 RP included)

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    I no longer wish to play this game as I have other things to attend to. I will be using the MiddleMan Service. Account Info: Ranked Solo: 2000 ELo Ranked 5v5: 1400+ Ranked 3v3: N/A Currency Left: 1533 RP 1302 IP I have every champ except for the following: 57/74 Cassiopea Evelynn Caitlynn Gangplank Heimerdinger Karthus Kogmaw Malzahar Nidalee Mordekaiser Olaf Pantheon Singed Swain Teemo Twitch Udyr Veigar Runes (I have 6 Rune Pages) The runes listed below are all Tier 3 Marks : Atk Speed Armor Pen Crit Dmg Magic Pen Crit Chance Physical Damage per level Magic Resist per level Physical Damage Magic Resist Seals: Atk Speed Mana Regen Per Level Dodge Health AP per level Energy Regen Per Level Crit Chance Armor Magic Resist Magic Resist Per Level Glyphs: Atk Speed Mana Regen per level Cooldown Magic Pen Ap Per level Ap Magic Resist per level Magic Resist Quints: Exp Move Speed Health Per Level Ability Power Energy Regen Crit Chance Magic Pen Armor Pen Crit Dmg Ability Power Per Level Dodge Attack Speed Skins: (Red means no longer being sold) Akali: Stinger Nurse Amumu: Emumu Anivia: Bird of Prey Ashe: Sherwood Forest Cho' Gath: Nightmare Corki: UFO Irelia: NightBlade Jax: Angler Kayle: Veridian Katarina: High Command Bilgewater Mercenary Red Card Kitty Cat Kennen: Deadly Kennen Malphite: Shamrock Malphite Nasus: Galactic Soraka: Dryad Taric: Emerald Tristana: Riot Girl Twisted Fate: Jack of Hearts Warwick: Urf Xin Zhao: Commando Imperial Money only I do not wish to begin any other game
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