WTS: Selling Premium LOTRO account (with pretty much everything you need)

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    Want to sell my premium lotro account with all regions included except for North downs, Angmar and Enedwaith (least fun regions in my opinion) Have all 6 bags unlocked as well as The (Legendary edition) Riders of Rohan Expansion pack with all the cosmetics it came with (war steed cosmetics). Isengard is also included. Also have 3 slots with 3 characters on US server WINDFOLA -lvl 85 Hunter - lvl 67 Guardian -lvl 30 Warden. Also have a rank 8 kinship called "The Mad Hatters" of which the hunter is the leader, have a kin house and all. (kin is VERY friendly). Looking for at least 100$ US, Or best offer. Thanks for your time! and happy gaming to you all! - - - Updated - - - Make me an offer, I am not afraid to go lower - - - Updated - - - Something i frogot to mention, because this post was rushed before work, I do need to do something with this soon, or else the account will sit!! I am going away for college in a couple of days!!! Some more details about the account, I have about 30g combined on characters, around 15 mounts combined. Has all the starter areas (obviously) Breeland, the Shire, Lone lands. Regions i bought include the Trollshows, Eregion, Evendim, Forochel, Moria, Lothlorien, The siege of Mirkwood expansion , Dunland, Isengard, the Great River and The Riders of Rohan expansion (legendary) all included. Lots of cloaks ( i collected them for some reason) and a crap ton of crafting supplies all in the vaults, got most of the vaults maxed out storage-wise, also. Purchased the Warden class, lvl 30 Warden is included.
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