[WTS] Selling NA LVL 30 account, 29 champs, 3 runepages, some tier3 runes/quints (paypal)

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    Ok, so im selling my NA account cuz I live in EU myself and made a new account on EU (choosed accidentally NA for the old user long time ago). I would set the price to 40$. This is what I have on it. (No elo, rarely played rated). Champions (29): Alistar (Unchained Alistar) Amumu (Little Knight Amumu) Caitlyn Dr. Mundo (Executioner Mundo) Fizz Garen Gragas Graves Jarvan IV Kayle (Judgement Kayle) Malphite Maokai Nunu (Demolisher Nunu) Olaf Poppy Rammus Renekton Rumble Ryze Sejuani Singed Sion (Lumberjack Sion) Taric Tristana (Riot Tristana) Trundle Twitch Urgot Volibear Yorick 3 Rune Pages (all tier 3 runes/quints): 9x 1.7 armor pene 9x 0.93% crit chance 9x 2.77 armor at lvl 18 9x -0.96% cd 9x 2.7 magic resist at lvl 18 + Quints (only one quintessence for each mentioned) -2.39% cd 6.8 armor at lvl 18 1.9 % crit chance 6.7 magic resist 3.3 armor pene Also 39 RP and 1754 IP screenshots: ImageShack Album - 3 images
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.