[WTS] Selling na lvl 30 1500 elo league of legends account

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    Hey guys! I'd like to sell this account since I am quitting league of legends and the extra cash would be nice. I have a bunch of skins and runes as listed below. I have been 3 day banned only once ^^' If interested please email me at tony_nguyen90 with offers Payment will be by paypal Champion's owned -Alistar -Amumu -Brand -Ezreal -Galio -Gragas -Heimerdinger -Irelia -Janna -Jarvan IV -Jax -Katarina -Kayle -Kennen -Lee Sin -Nidalee -Nunu -Poppy -Rammus -Renekton -Riven -Rumble -Ryze -Shaco -Shen -Shyvana -Singed -Sivir -Skarner -Swain -Talon -Teemo -Tristana -Trundle -Tryndamere -Twisted Fate -Twitch -Udyr -Vayne -Warwick -Xin Zhao LIMITED EDITION and NORMAL SKINS -Witch Nidalee -Scuba Gragas -Unchained Alistar -Frosted Ezreal -Nightblade Irelia -Dragonslayer Jarvan -Judgment Kayle -Karate Kennen -Traditional Lee Sin -Bloodfury Renekton -Riot Girl Tristana -Buccaneer Tristana -King Tryndamere -Aristocrat Vayne IP: 13547 IP RP: 210 RP RED -x6 1.7% Attack Speed (t3 Runes) -x9 1.7 Armor Pen (t3 Runes) -x1 0.16% Cooldown (t3 Rune) -x9 0.93 Crit Chance (t3 Runes) -x9 0.95 Physical Dmg (t3 Runes) -x9 0.95 Magic Pen (t3 Runes) YELLOW -x8 0.42 Crit Chance (t3 Runes) -x9 0.41 Mana Regen/ 5 (t3 Runes) -x9 1.4 Armor (t3 Runes) BLUE -x9 0.64 Attack Speed (t3 Runes) -x9 3.1 Ability Power at level 18 (t3 Runes) -x8 0.28 Crit Chance (t3 Runes) -x9 1.5 Magic Resist (t3 Runes) PURPLE -x3 26 Health (t3 Runes) -x2 1.9 Crit Chance (t3 Runes) -x3 5.0 Ability Power (t3 Runes) -x3 2.3 Physical Dmg (t3 Runes) -x3 1.5 Move Speed (t3 Runes) -x1 1.17 Move Speed (t2 Rune) If interested in buying please give me an email at tony_nguyen90 with offers Pics will be up soon!! Thanks
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