[WTS] Selling NA LoL Account, lots of skins,champs,runes

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    ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting Level:30 (Maxlevel:30) Season1ranked:244 wins 230 losses solo queue season2ranked:arranged 3v3 2 wins 1 loss Champs:Akali,Amumu,Annie,Cassiopia,Dr.Mundo,Evelyn n,Ezreal,Fiddlesticks,Gangplank,Garen,Irelia,Jax,K arthus,Kassadin,Katarina,Kayle,Kog'Maw,Leblanc,Lee Sin,Malzahar,Masteryi,Mordekaiser,Nasus,Nidalee,Nu nu,Olaf,Pantheon,Poppy,Renekton,Ryze,Shaco,Singed, Sion,Sivir,Soroka,Teemo,Tristana,Tryndamere,Twiste d Fate,Twitch,Udyr,Urgot,Vladamir,Warwhick,Wukong,Xi nzhao,Yorick Skins:General Wukong,Nottinham Ezreal,King Tryndamere,Djinn Malzahar,Samurai Yi, Workshop Shaco,Marquis Vladamir, Minuteman Gangplank, Prestigious Leblanc, Highland Tryndamere, Vandal Twitch, Imperial XinZhao,Feral Warwhick,Phantom Karthus,Mercenary Katarina,Nightblade Irelia,Sanguin Garen, Runes:Marks of attackspeed10x,Marks of armorpen10x,Marks of Magicpen9x,Marks of critdamage9x,Marks of critchance9x,Seal of Attackspeed9x,Seal of Abilitypowerperlevel9x, Seal of crit dmg9x, Seal of Critchance9x,Seal of Mana regenperlevel9x, Seal of flatarmor9x,seal of healthperlevel9x, Glyph of attackspeed9x,Glyph of cooldownperlevel9x,Glyph of manaregenperlevel9x,Glyph of abilitypowerperlevel9x,Glyph of critchance 9x, Glyph of flatabilitypower4x,Glyph of magicresistperlevel9x, Quint of attackspeed3x, Quint of cooldownperlevel3x,Quint of armorpen3x,Quint of flathealth3x,Quint of Critdamage3x,Quint of magic pen3x,Quint of manaperlevel3x,Quint of crit chance1x,Quint of flatabilitypower3x,Quint of movespeed3x,Quint of flatad1x Rp:200 IP:2250 Contact: Steam: Dolittleg Skype: Shepherd20021 Xfire: Gendolittle
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