WTS: selling lvl 55 templar

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  1. Aion

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    +12 Triroan Greatsword(extendable) merged with lvl 40 elite GS + socketed with ALL attack +5s
    +10 lvl 30 elite set + socketed with attack + crit stones
    2 x lvl 50 abyss rings
    2 x lvl 30 abyss earrings
    Lakhane’s Kerchief
    menotios belt
    omega necklace (eternal)

    Attack : 672
    crit: 387
    accuracy: 2100

    700k Abyss Points available
    shugo pet for extra item slots
    PVE set available that can tank Hard mode Beshmundir
    Vidar's Godstone
    capped for essencetapping/aethertapping + expert in armorsmithing/cooking
    Perer jelly recipe available for Cooking
    Water spirit mask skinned to lakhane's kerchief

    *The account is unsubbed ATM*
    Price: $800 (negotiable)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.