WTS: selling lvl 55 mage and 55 assasin same acount perento

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    hi all i got a lvl 55 mage
    3* dif pvp set
    main gear
    eternal boots legs scholders tome +10+general godstone normal 55 chest +gloves 1900 mr unbuffed
    and all 50 and 55 accessories
    3* 50 elite parts legs scholder boots as stamina set +5 enchanted 12 k stam
    full lvl 30 elite+10 set as ma set 1900 ma unbuffed
    full eternal pve set
    2 parts sw all rest crafted eternal hitting mboost cap whit no problem and have plenty of hit + eternal sw orb +8
    got around 40 plat medals + all q to finich still and around 200k ap on car and 150 in bank + non tradebal silence godstone and alot of other craftebal items
    is master tailor + nearly all rare recips got around 150 mill khina on the account
    got aswel 2 years played on acount so lucky wings + other goodies
    55 assassin
    got full 50 elite 50 elite +50 non elite swords both whit silence godstone all + 10 plus stormwing bow enchanted +5
    got around 65 plat medals in bank amd around 300 k ap in bank and to recieve from the mounthly reward
    got alot of aether + other gathering materials in bank
    professions aether tapping maxed
    gathering maxed
    black smiting 472
    lvl 42 chanter who got all recipes to make all the pots and scrolls what you woud ever need

    im the original owner of this account got all codes and serials
    i put alot of time and effort in to this account
    so contact me 4 more info
    im open to all serious offers
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.