WTS: Selling League of Legends Account (see post for details)

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    Alright, so i'm tired of league. I'll be honest, i've spent a lot of money into the game, more than i should have at least.... I'm selling my account for $200 through paypal. Before you rant on how much it is, i will tell you what i have on my account. Champions: All except for Sejuani, Renekton, Leona, Thresh Skins: Soul Reaver Draven Crimson Elite Riven Debonair Jayce Aether Wing Kayle Panda Teemo Badger Teemo Sailor Gangplank Special Ops Gangplank Tyrant Swain Northern Front Swain (I'm certain there are at least 12 or so more, i'm just too lazy to go through all my champions and check) If you calculate the price of all of this, it well exceeds $200 dollars We can bargain, but i am looking for $200. Contact me: stevenli123{}.ca replace the {} with @
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.