WTS: Selling GOOD LoL Account w/ RARE SKINS!

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    Currently at Bronze 2 and has summoner icons - snag.gy/htacq.jpg (was gold S2) Server: North America Champions Owned: snag.gy/m5rxA.jpg snag.gy/ctxJT.jpg Wins: 450+ Rune Pages: 9 Runes: snag.gy/zK3ER.jpg snag.gy/BYAd7.jpg snag.gy/huWsi.jpg snag.gy/2JxVE.jpg Skins: -[LEGENDARY] Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath -[LEGACY] Toxic Dr. Mundo -[LEGACY CHAMPIONSHIP] Championship Riven -[LEGACY] Workshop Shaco -Dreadknight Garen -[LEGACY] Riot Graves -Temple Jax -Mercenary Katarina -[LEGACY] Chosen Master Yi -Pharaoh Nidalee -Ruthless Pantheon -Dryad Soraka -Recon Teemo -[LEGENDARY] Astronaut Teemo -Vandal Twitch -Blight Crystal Varus -Neon Strike Vi -Northern Storm Volibear -[LEGACY] Tundra Hunter Warwick -Winged Hussar Xin Zhao -Shockblade Zed Looking for GOOD offers and will ONLY will it to people who are trustworthy, a.k.a Tons of REP, NPCVerified, ect. Highest offer wins like always, good luck! This account has some rare skins like Riven Championship and Riot Graves. Will not trade with anyone without rep.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.