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    champs that missing are-akali brand cassiopea,ez,gp,irelia,jarvan,taric,karma,kata,ken en,,lux,maokai,mf,oriana,rene,rumble,shen,singed,t emo,trist,twich,urgot,vayne,vlad,wu kong,skarner runes reds-ar pen,mr flat,phycial dmg flat seals-mana reg per lv,armor,hp per lv glyphs-att speed,mana reg per lv,ap per lv quints-ap per lv(2) armor pen(1) hp(1) hp reg per lv (1) 497 wins normal 2057 elo solo(2107 top) 1498 team(1727 top) 3v3 1478(top 1678) 4 rune pages skins-pharaon amumu,ufo corki,lollipop poppy ---------- Post added 08-24-2011 at 07:09 AM ---------- quints-ap per lv, armor pen,hp, hp reg per lv ,flat ap,move speed some changed to runes cos i have some of them by 2 some by 3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.