WTS: Selling Geared ASMOS account [Also Guildwars2 Ready Master Account]

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    IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL PLEASE MESSAGE ME! Theres quiet a few extra nice things in the account that i didn't feel that important to mention to take more space on this post haha, If you have a offer you would like to make just message me, but im trying to look for the prices i posted. SKIP TO THE BOTTOM IF YOU WISH TO SEE THE CHARACTER PICTURE DETAILS RIGHT AWAY I am looking for about 1,500 or best offer overall for all the years i've put into this master account, Guildwars2 Ready = Has 29/30 weapon/armor/pet unlocked for GW2 from me playing and unlocking the achievements in GW1 I am selling an account nearly 2 years old now [about to be on the 23rd month award] and as many of you know there arent many account that old most likey around [banned/quit] on the 24th month theres a very nice reward that i wish i could stick around for but i have to let this go to continue my studies ^^ I have put much work into this account and its a hard decision i made to let go of it , it has 3 Really Decked out characters as i will show shortly, and 1 started out nicely geared weapons wise char ^^ This master account holds my Aion account and also holds my 6 year Guildwars account that has plenty of characters with the achievements nearly complete for weapons/armor/pets for GuildWars 2! [29/30] You can take a look at that part here along with the age of my account all in good standings : I blanked out a few things so that i wont put the account to risk Next i will show a picture of all the characters in the account along with some small details on the picture Next I will show my characters in detail , please note i am an Asmodian so there is 1 weapon that my ranger has specifically that you wont really find alot of people with [Master Carved Bow, the one with your name on it] CHAR DETAILS: Ranger [55] : [GENERAL RANK WITH 1m+ AP] Templar [55] : Spirit Master [50] : [General Godstone Waiting to be claimed on this toon] Assassin [50] : AGAIN - EVERYTHING ABOVE, THIS IS ALL IN ONE NCSOFT MASTER ACCOUNT! That contains Guildwars [Every expansion and lots of goodies in guildwars as well] and Aion together with all the characters i mentioned above. ================================================== ======================================= SECOND ACCOUNT! This is another account that holds my level 55 cleric Asmo that i had in seperate account to make money [Could make 100m kinnah a day doing udas solo with his gear] Im selling a level 55 asmo Cleric with ALL stigmas available at your disposal already, it was my money making character i could make 100m+ a day doing udas solo with his gear but i really need the money in real life for college necessities. Im looking for Offers on this character at the moment, ill decide later how much i decided on my price on this one, also has a level 3x Chanter ,cleric has 499 Cooking and has 2 armor sets as shown below and a GREAT MB staff for solo/pvp with general godstone [Bought] [character is still on the general kill quest 0/3 kills at the moment]
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