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    oops! should have put the class and level in the description but was distracted. I have the following account as well as one more with multiple level 85+ that I'll post later. I have decided to quit EQ permanently and wanted to throw my accounts up for sale as it seems too bad to let them go to waste. On my first account I have a level 90 sk with 15559 aa spent (All Tabs maxed out). AC unbuffed - 7423 HP unbuffed - 58221 Mana unbuffed - 49369 Endurance unbuffed - 49182 750 to all resists unbuffed 2733 attack unbuffed 45% worn haste 25% worn hate mod 8% dodge modifier aug All important slot three augs to improve spells Special AA - Lesson of the Devoted and Infusion of the Faithful. Embrace of the Keepers, Gift of the Keepers, Power of the Keepers, Sanctity of the Keepers and Valor of the Keepers (fully DoN flagged for innate stats and crits). All Glyphs are bought and ready to be used. Torment of Blood 3/5. Keys: SoF - Key - Crystallos Base SoF - Key - Crystallos Raid SoF - Key - Mansion Base SoF - Key - Mansion Raid Depths of Darkhollow - Matriarch Shyra, Bloodeye and Emperor Draygun SoD - Discord Tower keyed (Top end Seeds of destruction raid zone) Flags: House of Thule - Tier 4 group flagged House of Thule - Tier 2 raid flagged and all tier 2 raids completed Underfoot - Tier 9 group flagged Underfoot - Convorteum raid flagged Flagged to use raid level power sources I have other assorted keys that I can't think of atm lol Clickies: Kiss of Erollisi Marr Chalandria's Fang Stormeye Band Lizardscale Plated Girdle Iron Vestment of Control Fabled Girdle of Living Thorns Clockwork Automaton Pouch Of Curses Mask of the Lost Guktan Sceptre of Draconic Calling Mark of Brell Bone Mask of the Ancient Iksar Amulet of Necropotence Child's Play Anklebiter Doll Strong Captured Cliknar Mount Saddle Verdent Hedgerow Leaf Aura of Lava Skull of the Amused Enigmatic Breastplate of the Reaver Tainted Dreadheart Plate Breastplate Damascite Deathwatch Breastplate Soul-Hewn Plate Breastplate Duskbringer's Plate Chestguard of the Hateful Fragile Shard of Focus Discordant Soulstealer's Collar Drape of the Midnight Hour Embattled Chitin Spaulders Scrap Iron Ring of Perfected Precision Riftsalker's Band Band of Cilithik's Fangs Familiar of the Emerald Jungle Shattered Chitin Sliver Bandolierable Weapons: Willsapper, Fabled Opalescent Two-Handed Sword, Cliknar Impaler, Warlord's Shadowy Halberd, Maul of Shadows. Potions: 15 Potion of Adventure 6 Bottle of Adventure 1 40 Potion of Healing 40 Potion of Harvest 10 Potion of Divinity 5 Potion of Binding 1 Draught of the Craftsman 5 Unwritten Glyph 52 Philter of Major Translocation 23 Sealed Pure Energeian Metal Orb 440 Distillate of Celestial Healing 15 Platinum: 1,000,000 Sk has 300 Blacksmithing and 200+ in Research and Pottery as well as 100+ in Jewelry Making, Brewing and Tailoring. Most of his melee skills are maxed (I think archery is low and 2hb) and he has many languages maxed as well. All spell skills are maxed and defense skills. The account also has a 25 shaman that has been working her alchemy up. If you learn to use the sk properly you can Power Level characters up VERY QUICKLY. I was able to take a Druid from 1-90 with 2000 aa, fully tier four hot group flagged and geared in about a week. I am asking $1200.00 U.S. OBO Please PM me here for any additional information.
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