[WTS] Selling account eu west 1700 elo 60 champs 33 skins 5 rune pages

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    i have for sell an account of league of legends SERVER EU WEST , i can even give the mail that was made to register this acc since that email was done just for the account, so u will have fully power to recover account from any situation ACCount has almost 60 champs ALL RUNES!! , 5 rune pages also 33 SKINS!!! and almost 1700 elo!! few skins cant be bought anymore like ghost nocturne and few more there are also legendary skins like tryndamare list of skins: Akali blood mon Allistar longhorn +the facebook one amumu ,emumu and little knight amumu annie frostfire annie ashe sherwood ashe chogath nightmare and lochness corki UFO and urf corki fiddlestick Ghost gankplank GHOST orianna cant remember the name but looks like puppet heimer snowmerdinger irelia shadowblade janna moonsoon jarvan jax jaximus karthus the skeleton skin kayle malphite marble malzahar overlord and djin mordekaiser lord morde nasus dreadknight nocturne ghost rammus chrome shaco royal and 1 more cant remember the name sion lumberjack and barbarian tristana facebook tryndamare legendary skin udyr blackbelt warwick feral and the one on fire i might missed some skins cant remember them all those i wrote about im sure they are on the account also i have won few tournaments on this acc so this acc is on few "hall of fame" post offers here or contact me i can take paypal offers , paysafecards IM ADDING ORIGINAL EMAIL OF THIS ACCOUNT AS I MENTION EARLIER, AT EMAIL U CAN SEE REGISTRATION EMAIL FROM RIOT ETC SKYPE CONTACT: cniemen
Thread Status:
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